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Gateway JM30 Review


Processor              Intel Core2 Duo T6400
Chip set                  PM45+ICH9M
Memory                 1GB DDR2
Hard disk               250GB 5400RPM
Video card            HD 3470
Screen                    13.3 inch 1280×800
Weight                    2.39kg
Battery                   11.1V 4400mAh
Cooling                   Gateway M6000 Laptop CPU Cooling Fan

JM30 is a pure blood Centrino 2 notebook, including the use of the GM45 chipset, Penryn core processor.The processor selection, JM30 uses the T6400 series processor, T6400 using 45nm technology, frequency of up to 2.0GHz, level two cache for 2MB.

Wprime, 32M and 1024M scores were 38.625 and 1224.571 seconds.Sisoftware, the ALU score of 15640, FPU score of 14531, Int score of 35922, Float score of 20106.Other tests, cryptographic score of 120, HASHING score of 184.

JM30 uses the GM45 series chip set, configuration for 1GB DDR2 memory, the actual test, single channel, the bandwidth of 3986.78MB/s, dual channel when the bandwidth of 4218.38MB/s, ascension is about.Memory latency, JM30 using DDR2 667MHz achieve 138ns

JM30 uses Western Digital WD2500BEVT disk, capacity of 250GB.By HD TACH.From rate curve, the disk stability and satisfactory performance, rate curve is gentle.But in different area of a disk, the speed difference is bigger, up to about 65MB/s, and the minimum is only about 35MB/s, close to half two gap.But HD TUNE, a top speed of about 64MB/s, the minimum speed for 31MB/s, seek time is about 17ms.

JM30 uses ATI HD3470 independent video card, the card of ATI M82 core, uses the 55nm technology manufacturing, with 40 stream processors, 4 ROPs, DirectX 10.1/SM4.1, memory capacity is 256MB/s, but the memory interface is only 64Bit.M82 core frequency is 500MHz, with DDR2 of memory.The 3DMark06 test, in a 1280 x 800 resolution, NONE AA mode test, test scores for the 2083.

The actual game testing, “Lost Planet” in 1280 × 800, NONE AA.DX9.0C, 10.3FPS, Cave are: Snow 14.8FPS.Whereas in DX10 are: SNOW 9.6, CAVE 12.3.”Call of duty” average rate is about 7.155FPS.

Comprehensive performance, PCMark05 test, the result is 4024, wherein the processor, memory, graphics, hard disk performance is respectively 4857, 4139, 2694, 4906.While the PCMARK VANTAGE test, the result is 3217.

Appearance at the beginning of, get an JM30, for its unique translucent dark green to attract, play later, the warm feeling is quite popular.Gateway the screen cover material has not been well before, in the low-end used widely by the ordinary plastic shell, coupled with the use of ordinary spraying process, although the practicability is good, but is not beautiful.

IMR technology is widely used, as the original “Dacron” in Chinese popular fabrics, in the high cost under the premise of providing excellent texture and hand.IMR technology and has a very good scratch-resistant, durable characteristics, can satisfy the daily use, but not like ordinary painting generally easy to fade, or easy to produce the serious scratches.

But IMR process screen cover also brought a challenge, it is still the traditional first synthetic plastic material, the weight of large, and to ensure the smooth process of IMR, its thickness to ensure a certain size, which makes the IMR craft shells are heavy, other non-metallic enclosure protection much less, especially in the external forces, or accidental fall, may be difficult to guarantee the safety of liquid crystal.JM30 in the safety aspects of the special design.

JM30 uses a medium frame design, thereby increasing the force of the support point, screen cover utilizes molded integrally with the cover along the type design, and the liquid crystal embedded into the screen cover.From the actual test, JM30 screen cover hardness is still quite good, we hypothesized that with this cover along the type design are inseparable.

In the middle of the cow JM30 design pattern and the “Gateway” LOGO, overall design aesthetic generous, never lose.The anode foil design has gradually become a laptop design trend, although the high cost, but the image of the product has the very big promotion.

Screen cover cover along the design makes the screen surface design is more simple.Only one piece of plastic with the screen cover together, can be firmly fixed LCD screen.JM30 border width slightly wide, but personally think that 1.5cm can accept, actual also don’t think ramming stupid.The screen from the upper end of the four screws and a bottom two screws, screw side design.

In order to guarantee the safety of liquid crystal screen, the screen also designs 6 rubber pad used for supporting, this design can avoid the screen and keyboard wrist rest or direct contact.A relatively wide border, also improves the LCD security.

But JM30 on the frame using a mirror technology, when in bright light conditions, with obvious reflection.A more reasonable design method is adopted, frame matte surface, avoid the reflection phenomenon.

JM30 also embedded camera, camera specifications of 1300000 pixels, the actual use, the effect of the performance is also good, can better reflect the real color effect.

In the open camera, will have indicator lights, thus learned camera work state, this is a safe way to avoid the camera design, breach of privacy.JM30 put the receiver design in the camera near, this design is more reasonable, reduced keyboard noise, but its only a single microphone, recording the effect of general.

Drawing metal wrist rest pure game player.

JM30 the biggest bright spot derives its keyboard surfaces have a style of one’s own design, including the keyboard, the brushed metal wrist rest and unique circular touch panel.First look at the special design of the keyboard.

JM30 keyboard used with conventional completely different design methods as Gateway M-6319 Laptop Keyboard.The key is designed to be almost square shape, rather than the traditional trapezoid appearance.This design is key area larger, thicker fingers of users more comfortable, while in the ordinary users, because the key area is large, not very hard hit, especially the primary users, can better find keys.

In the visual context, this keyboard design more beautiful, more neatly and apt, plus JM30 using a completely different keyboard font, the overall style is very unique, with ordinary notebook keyboard can easily distinguish.

Circular touch panel before ever appeared, but unique style, belonging to the minority.JM30 is also the first attempt of this unique design style, the touch panel in the functional and conventional touch panel is the main difference lies in the appearance.Its design is completely round, frame by metal decoration, have a style of one’s own and very beautiful.The matching is the key about the design of the edge, left and right keys are designed at the edge, and independence as a single keystroke, without destroying the integrity of the, very reasonable.

The whole drawing metal wrist rest is JM30 and model design.The keyboard is not too much to splice component, a solid block of metal wire drawing panel covering a keyboard wrist rest the other part, the overall feeling is very good.

JM30 uses ink black metal panels, metal texture is good, especially its drawing effect is very obvious, no mirror design greasy hand feeling.Carefully screened, the reason is that JM30 drawing lines deep, this is similar to the ordinary metal wire drawing is slightly different.

Although JM30 uses metal wrist rest, but the actual use of the wrist rest temperature is not high.In general, metal wrist rest disadvantage is its easy to heat, resulting in a wrist rest temperature is higher, the use of comfort is poor.But in the actual test, JM30 wrist rest temperature constant at 31 degrees to 37 degrees, the left wrist rest near the heat radiation hole, the temperature is slightly higher.

The upper end of a computer keyboard design status lights, and a touch sensitive keys, provide the function for the media player control.In view of Windows Media Player application is not very extensive, the function of little practical significance.From the user’s point of view, if the wireless control, volume control, shortcut keys, will be more reasonable.JM30 will be a pair of small horn design on the front end of the keyboard, sound quality is quite good, can be used as general audio use.

JM30 as a standard gaming notebook, interface design and the basic layout of satisfactory, as the built-in HDMI interface, the use of suction type CD driver, the design of 3 USB interface, function relatively complete.

The interface is more, including RJ45 Ethernet interface, radiating holes, HDMI interface, VGA interface, USB interface and audio interface.From the practical perspective, the interface is more reasonable, the RJ45 interface design to the final end, the routine use of convenient, do not appear to touch, sense of messy.JM30 radiating holes with larger width, reached 7cm, this is because the JM30 using a large diameter fan, to improve the radiating efficiency.The future will be more and more commonly used HDMI interface, using HDMI interface, can output image, avoiding the loss of image simulation interface, can’t be like the DVI interface, a plurality of cable is confusion and trouble.

On the right side of the main design of the CD driver, JM30 with general notebook, use of suction type CD driver, the use is more convenient, because not eject a plastic bracket, and more safety.The JM30 also inhaled CD-ROM design hardware keyboard shortcuts, eject the disc only when it can complete the operation.In addition to drive, the other interface also includes two USB2.0, DC POWER JACK GATEWAY MA1 MA2 MA2A MA3 MA6 MA7 MA8 PJ15, Express Card/34, DC interface and security keyhole.Among them USB spacing is too small, the use of some such as the wireless network card, the card reader, which hampers its another USB interface and Express Card interface to use, with USB overlap seems to be a good idea, because Express Card is not standardized, often larger, which will make USB interface cannot be used.


JM30 appearance of unique, quality control.But in terms of performance, using the Centrino 2 platform, the overall performance of the end, and coordination, can meet the needs of many users “Almighty” demand.

The processor from the test results, the T6400 performance is about T8100 processor 90%, satisfactory performance, but there is a certain distance with P8400.Of course, the two in product positioning and pricing, a large gap, should not be directly compared.

Because T6400 front bus line is only 800MHz, DDR2 667 single channel memory although not memory architecture performance, but the double channels, including bandwidth performance, and the transmission rate, promotion is not very obvious, only about 4.5%.Their memory performance is still more than PM965, the previous generation chip lot.

JM30 hard disk performance is good, speed is more than 50MB/s, and overall, stability is satisfactory.From the test curves was observed, in the system disk, JM30 disk performance may exceed 60MB, it can greatly improve the efficiency of the system.

The JM30 HD 3470 is a standard class video card game, mainly used for common network game, in a single large network game, the performance in general, but if you use the JM30 play best quality lathes, more common network game, or more than sufficient.HD 3470 bit width is only 64Bit, puzzling, which greatly reduced the performance.



Sony EG200C CN1 (white)
Windows 7 Home Basic (Home Basic Edition).
Processor type Intel ? Core i5 2520M.
Processor clock speed z g h 2.5
Memory 4 GB
500 GB of disk space.
Design, in combination with optical drives.
Screen size: 14 inch
16: 9 screen.
Screen resolution: 1366 x 768
Graphics chips NVIDIA GeForce GT 420 M
1 GB memory
The camera of the camera.
Internal audio Chip
Integrated speakers
Microphone built-in microphone.
4XUSBNN2 interface
HDMI and VGA Video
OO interface output or I nn I can het his faith Taa nn. microphone connector.
Other interfaces (RJ45 network contacts), power connector
-1-card reader, card reader
Portable weight 2300 g
Total area: 238.7 x 34.5 x 28, 8-345 09:00
1 year warranty

We have a Sony EG200C Intel Core i5 2520M CN1 2 created a capacity of 4 GB upgrade processor 500 Mhz 3 GB hard-1366 Mori cycle meets one of the requirements for 3D entertainment. Including the user this book without the problems of GT410M Cogeubhyeong of simple graphics chipsets, fights against the type of 3D game world or what? and follow the Sayan, video graphic design, 3D.

The interface of EG200C and Sony is very complete. Are both ends of the shell of Ethernet RJ45 USB VGA 2 four HDMI output, video output, audio input and output HD interfaces and multi card reader on 1 DVD-ROM drive of the computer. Styles of writing, multimedia games easily recording DVD

Choose a different color for other products of level 19, the needs of different users, for example, some of the most important advantages of Sony.

This time, we consider that the handset provides a range of high quality products, now EG200C white tapir CN1 as EG200C three kinds of knowledge that it is possible for males. Women and their children.

Portable Sony surface has 4 combinations of EC blue with texture maps engineering ABS plastic bump rule, is to show the effect of light, you can use in different angles from each other.

Only beauty. Not just hands, sweat and water that may derive from the use of this procedure, which is at the base, because this laptop doesn’t. Reverse cellphone and fingerprinting of points. This design is a course. You agree that all consumers show all categories of people with other points of view

LCD screen size supports up to 14-inch, 1366 x 768 resolution, Sony laptop 14, on the camera screen and easy-to-use, including the microphone and Web-based conferencing and video chat applications to create, not intergrated EG200C thing except CN1.

Change the color of the book in different colors together, EC, Sony b series (c), (d) and 4 colors when you use the images above, and then type the path of the estate and the cover to use the portable format, for example, both men and women. People follow this very nice apartment and electronics.

Frame is one of the most important basic project, Sony 147859712 Keyboard, Sony laptop and chocolate as a book. Some aspects of the design of the keyboard is used in laptops for many consumers. Qualified designers including Sony nails some keys on the keyboard, the lowest available. The message type. If users are not within the time ought to be using only the first fan.


Sony laptop price look so special of the series, the presentation and enjoy YB then the idea of limited budget fashion consumers and science technology from Sony for example has a joint width best prices. Slightly higher YB all, but of course, very high price is nice and all. Who wants to have fun with fashion, users can purchase only if specified.


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