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Gateway JM30 Review


Processor              Intel Core2 Duo T6400
Chip set                  PM45+ICH9M
Memory                 1GB DDR2
Hard disk               250GB 5400RPM
Video card            HD 3470
Screen                    13.3 inch 1280×800
Weight                    2.39kg
Battery                   11.1V 4400mAh
Cooling                   Gateway M6000 Laptop CPU Cooling Fan

JM30 is a pure blood Centrino 2 notebook, including the use of the GM45 chipset, Penryn core processor.The processor selection, JM30 uses the T6400 series processor, T6400 using 45nm technology, frequency of up to 2.0GHz, level two cache for 2MB.

Wprime, 32M and 1024M scores were 38.625 and 1224.571 seconds.Sisoftware, the ALU score of 15640, FPU score of 14531, Int score of 35922, Float score of 20106.Other tests, cryptographic score of 120, HASHING score of 184.

JM30 uses the GM45 series chip set, configuration for 1GB DDR2 memory, the actual test, single channel, the bandwidth of 3986.78MB/s, dual channel when the bandwidth of 4218.38MB/s, ascension is about.Memory latency, JM30 using DDR2 667MHz achieve 138ns

JM30 uses Western Digital WD2500BEVT disk, capacity of 250GB.By HD TACH.From rate curve, the disk stability and satisfactory performance, rate curve is gentle.But in different area of a disk, the speed difference is bigger, up to about 65MB/s, and the minimum is only about 35MB/s, close to half two gap.But HD TUNE, a top speed of about 64MB/s, the minimum speed for 31MB/s, seek time is about 17ms.

JM30 uses ATI HD3470 independent video card, the card of ATI M82 core, uses the 55nm technology manufacturing, with 40 stream processors, 4 ROPs, DirectX 10.1/SM4.1, memory capacity is 256MB/s, but the memory interface is only 64Bit.M82 core frequency is 500MHz, with DDR2 of memory.The 3DMark06 test, in a 1280 x 800 resolution, NONE AA mode test, test scores for the 2083.

The actual game testing, “Lost Planet” in 1280 × 800, NONE AA.DX9.0C, 10.3FPS, Cave are: Snow 14.8FPS.Whereas in DX10 are: SNOW 9.6, CAVE 12.3.”Call of duty” average rate is about 7.155FPS.

Comprehensive performance, PCMark05 test, the result is 4024, wherein the processor, memory, graphics, hard disk performance is respectively 4857, 4139, 2694, 4906.While the PCMARK VANTAGE test, the result is 3217.

Appearance at the beginning of, get an JM30, for its unique translucent dark green to attract, play later, the warm feeling is quite popular.Gateway the screen cover material has not been well before, in the low-end used widely by the ordinary plastic shell, coupled with the use of ordinary spraying process, although the practicability is good, but is not beautiful.

IMR technology is widely used, as the original “Dacron” in Chinese popular fabrics, in the high cost under the premise of providing excellent texture and hand.IMR technology and has a very good scratch-resistant, durable characteristics, can satisfy the daily use, but not like ordinary painting generally easy to fade, or easy to produce the serious scratches.

But IMR process screen cover also brought a challenge, it is still the traditional first synthetic plastic material, the weight of large, and to ensure the smooth process of IMR, its thickness to ensure a certain size, which makes the IMR craft shells are heavy, other non-metallic enclosure protection much less, especially in the external forces, or accidental fall, may be difficult to guarantee the safety of liquid crystal.JM30 in the safety aspects of the special design.

JM30 uses a medium frame design, thereby increasing the force of the support point, screen cover utilizes molded integrally with the cover along the type design, and the liquid crystal embedded into the screen cover.From the actual test, JM30 screen cover hardness is still quite good, we hypothesized that with this cover along the type design are inseparable.

In the middle of the cow JM30 design pattern and the “Gateway” LOGO, overall design aesthetic generous, never lose.The anode foil design has gradually become a laptop design trend, although the high cost, but the image of the product has the very big promotion.

Screen cover cover along the design makes the screen surface design is more simple.Only one piece of plastic with the screen cover together, can be firmly fixed LCD screen.JM30 border width slightly wide, but personally think that 1.5cm can accept, actual also don’t think ramming stupid.The screen from the upper end of the four screws and a bottom two screws, screw side design.

In order to guarantee the safety of liquid crystal screen, the screen also designs 6 rubber pad used for supporting, this design can avoid the screen and keyboard wrist rest or direct contact.A relatively wide border, also improves the LCD security.

But JM30 on the frame using a mirror technology, when in bright light conditions, with obvious reflection.A more reasonable design method is adopted, frame matte surface, avoid the reflection phenomenon.

JM30 also embedded camera, camera specifications of 1300000 pixels, the actual use, the effect of the performance is also good, can better reflect the real color effect.

In the open camera, will have indicator lights, thus learned camera work state, this is a safe way to avoid the camera design, breach of privacy.JM30 put the receiver design in the camera near, this design is more reasonable, reduced keyboard noise, but its only a single microphone, recording the effect of general.

Drawing metal wrist rest pure game player.

JM30 the biggest bright spot derives its keyboard surfaces have a style of one’s own design, including the keyboard, the brushed metal wrist rest and unique circular touch panel.First look at the special design of the keyboard.

JM30 keyboard used with conventional completely different design methods as Gateway M-6319 Laptop Keyboard.The key is designed to be almost square shape, rather than the traditional trapezoid appearance.This design is key area larger, thicker fingers of users more comfortable, while in the ordinary users, because the key area is large, not very hard hit, especially the primary users, can better find keys.

In the visual context, this keyboard design more beautiful, more neatly and apt, plus JM30 using a completely different keyboard font, the overall style is very unique, with ordinary notebook keyboard can easily distinguish.

Circular touch panel before ever appeared, but unique style, belonging to the minority.JM30 is also the first attempt of this unique design style, the touch panel in the functional and conventional touch panel is the main difference lies in the appearance.Its design is completely round, frame by metal decoration, have a style of one’s own and very beautiful.The matching is the key about the design of the edge, left and right keys are designed at the edge, and independence as a single keystroke, without destroying the integrity of the, very reasonable.

The whole drawing metal wrist rest is JM30 and model design.The keyboard is not too much to splice component, a solid block of metal wire drawing panel covering a keyboard wrist rest the other part, the overall feeling is very good.

JM30 uses ink black metal panels, metal texture is good, especially its drawing effect is very obvious, no mirror design greasy hand feeling.Carefully screened, the reason is that JM30 drawing lines deep, this is similar to the ordinary metal wire drawing is slightly different.

Although JM30 uses metal wrist rest, but the actual use of the wrist rest temperature is not high.In general, metal wrist rest disadvantage is its easy to heat, resulting in a wrist rest temperature is higher, the use of comfort is poor.But in the actual test, JM30 wrist rest temperature constant at 31 degrees to 37 degrees, the left wrist rest near the heat radiation hole, the temperature is slightly higher.

The upper end of a computer keyboard design status lights, and a touch sensitive keys, provide the function for the media player control.In view of Windows Media Player application is not very extensive, the function of little practical significance.From the user’s point of view, if the wireless control, volume control, shortcut keys, will be more reasonable.JM30 will be a pair of small horn design on the front end of the keyboard, sound quality is quite good, can be used as general audio use.

JM30 as a standard gaming notebook, interface design and the basic layout of satisfactory, as the built-in HDMI interface, the use of suction type CD driver, the design of 3 USB interface, function relatively complete.

The interface is more, including RJ45 Ethernet interface, radiating holes, HDMI interface, VGA interface, USB interface and audio interface.From the practical perspective, the interface is more reasonable, the RJ45 interface design to the final end, the routine use of convenient, do not appear to touch, sense of messy.JM30 radiating holes with larger width, reached 7cm, this is because the JM30 using a large diameter fan, to improve the radiating efficiency.The future will be more and more commonly used HDMI interface, using HDMI interface, can output image, avoiding the loss of image simulation interface, can’t be like the DVI interface, a plurality of cable is confusion and trouble.

On the right side of the main design of the CD driver, JM30 with general notebook, use of suction type CD driver, the use is more convenient, because not eject a plastic bracket, and more safety.The JM30 also inhaled CD-ROM design hardware keyboard shortcuts, eject the disc only when it can complete the operation.In addition to drive, the other interface also includes two USB2.0, DC POWER JACK GATEWAY MA1 MA2 MA2A MA3 MA6 MA7 MA8 PJ15, Express Card/34, DC interface and security keyhole.Among them USB spacing is too small, the use of some such as the wireless network card, the card reader, which hampers its another USB interface and Express Card interface to use, with USB overlap seems to be a good idea, because Express Card is not standardized, often larger, which will make USB interface cannot be used.


JM30 appearance of unique, quality control.But in terms of performance, using the Centrino 2 platform, the overall performance of the end, and coordination, can meet the needs of many users “Almighty” demand.

The processor from the test results, the T6400 performance is about T8100 processor 90%, satisfactory performance, but there is a certain distance with P8400.Of course, the two in product positioning and pricing, a large gap, should not be directly compared.

Because T6400 front bus line is only 800MHz, DDR2 667 single channel memory although not memory architecture performance, but the double channels, including bandwidth performance, and the transmission rate, promotion is not very obvious, only about 4.5%.Their memory performance is still more than PM965, the previous generation chip lot.

JM30 hard disk performance is good, speed is more than 50MB/s, and overall, stability is satisfactory.From the test curves was observed, in the system disk, JM30 disk performance may exceed 60MB, it can greatly improve the efficiency of the system.

The JM30 HD 3470 is a standard class video card game, mainly used for common network game, in a single large network game, the performance in general, but if you use the JM30 play best quality lathes, more common network game, or more than sufficient.HD 3470 bit width is only 64Bit, puzzling, which greatly reduced the performance.

ASUS G75VW Review

Processor           Intel i7-3610QM
Memory             2*4GB DDR3 1600
Hard disk           Momentus XT 750GB 7200rpm with 8GB Seagate SLC Flsh
Screen                17.3 inches, resolution 1920×1080, support 3D
Video card        NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M 3GB GDDR5192bit
Network             Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n , Bluetooth 4
Battery               8 core lithium battery, 74Wh
Weight                Features: 4.31Kg, Travel: 5.35Kg
Cooling               HP Pavilion dv7z Laptop CPU Cooling Fan

ASUS G75VW using the Intel22nm process of core i7-3610QM Quad processor.The processor has a 2.3GHz frequency and 3.3GHz maximum core frequency, 6MB level three cache, and support for Hyper-Threading technology.In the wPrime v2.00 test, G75VW in 32M and 1024M calculation results were 8.312 seconds and 249.008 seconds.The CineBench test, R10 test, ASUS G75VW mononuclear score of 5705, multinucleated achievement is 21593, OpenGL is 6008; and the R11.5 test, single nuclear grade 1.38pts, multiple nuclear grades 6.27pts, OpenGL for 47.64fps

Memory, ASUS G75VW is equipped with 2 4GB DDR3 1600 memory, total 8GB, provided by modern, sequential 11-11-11-28.After the test, the reading speed is up to 17195MB/s, write speed for 17013MB/s.

ASUS G75VW standard Seagate third generation MomentusXT hybrid hard disk, capacity 750GB, rotating speed 7200rpm, and comes with 8GB SLC flash disk, hard disk can be based on user usage, often be used to copy files to the SLC flash memory to improve reading performance.Reading speed test, the first test, the average reading was 94.2MB/s, the average seek time for 16ms.And in the second round of the test link, the seek time shortens to solid state disk level, visible G75VW hard drive is still very good.At the same time, ASUS G75VW provides two hard disks, Raid support, users can upgrade.

The Windows 7 system assessment link, operating system is given 5.9 points, memory, graphics processor for evaluation, have broken through 7.4 close greatly, become the bottleneck of the hard disk, only obtained 5.9 points.

In the PCMark 7 test, because the ASUS G75VW uses hybrid hard disk, so this link needed to be run multiple times, the scores on the change of concept.The first round of testing, G75VW PCMark 7 score of 4094.After many times testing, G75VW PCMark score rose to 4176 7.

ASUS G75VW equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M independent video card, based on the Fermi architecture, with 336 CUDA core, 3GB GDDR5 memory, width 192bit, bandwidth is as high as 72GB/s.In the DirectX 3DMark Vantage 10 baseline performance test link, ASUS G75VW acquired Entry models under 48332 grades.In the Performance link, ASUS G75VW won the P13867 total score, 11138 video card performance close to the desktop GTX260+, slightly inferior to GTX550Ti.DirectX 11 benchmark, the machine in the 3DMark 11 test results for P3020 link, wherein the card child 2722.Heaven v2.5, 768P resolution, default settings, ASUS G75VW total score was 956 points, an average of 37.9 frames.

Game test link, ASUS G75VW at a resolution of 1920×1080, 3D model did not open the case, DX9, DX10 and DX11 games have very good support, “Street Fighter 4” average frame 185.16 frame, “biochemical crisis 5” 94.5 frames, and the configuration requirements more stringent “Lost Planet 2”. Won the 29.4 frame performance.

At the same time, ASUS G75VW also supports NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 stereoscopic 3D technology, and with the 2 generation 3D shutter glasses.Through the NVIDIA 3D Vision G75VW, ASUS stereopsis is still very vivid, especially the demo program, with a huge NVIDIA identifies the oncoming, touch feeling.While in the game, 3D Vision in the “Street Fighter 4” game with good support, screen smooth, but in “Resident Evil 5” scene appeared in the cottonwood, skipping phenomenon.

Endurance, ASUS G75VW equipped with 74Wh battery.The use of MobileMark 2007 actual endurance test, when the notebook is in low load running status, graphics resources has not been fully utilized.In this case, the G75VW duration of 159 minutes.

Heat, ASUS G75VW in at the bottom of the fuselage to provide a row into the transom, cold air directly enters, and were down on both sides of the fuselage to is located in the two rotating shaft of the fan, and the rear end of the fuselage from.We select the AIDA64 system stability test and Furmark two software at the same time, the former on the notebook CPU loaded, the latter can be on the card with the highest, notebook fever.After half an hour of full-load operation, ASUS G75VW processor is maintained at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius to 75 degrees Celsius, graphics.ASUS notebook surface, G75VW in full half an hour later, parts of no heat, and the temperature of the surrounding environment or even the same!The keyboard and the temperature is generally higher than the body temperature.Apart from the heat dissipation window, the bottom of the G75VW temperature is maintained at a relatively low level of the whole testing process, and did not hear significant fan noise.

In the understanding of the ASUS G75VW hardware configuration and the basic properties, we can have a look at the appearance of it.

ASUS G75VW designs followed before the style, front is thin, lines tough, sharp, like super car cool car.Notebook rear huge zigzag heat dissipation window similar to super run tail, particularly cool.The G75VW cover surfaces using class skin coating, damping are moderate, delicate touch, the points of ROG logo printed on black, quiet, introverted, and full of explosive force.Screen frame of medium width, screen the anti-glare treatment, can effectively alleviate visual fatigue; equipment chocolate keyboard, palmrest sandblasting surface treatment, color is very harmonious.

Screen, ASUS G75VW equipped with 17.3 inch LCD panel, to support the NVIDIA 3D Vision stereoscopic image display.The material for the TN, due to the addition of ASUS exclusive Splendid color enhancement technique, therefore in the display effect is satisfactory.Because of the use of the first drift type screen design, the largest opening angle of 134 °

ASUS G75VW built-in bass cannon, and support the ASUS SonicMaster “sound beauty master” sound technology, acoustics and the main push entertainment N series compared to, go beyond.In addition, in order to meet the game player to the voice of the demands in many aspects, the G75VW also includes a pair of SteelSeries Gaming Headset, model SIBERIA.

The keyboard, ASUS G75VW equipped with full-size chocolate keyboard as Dell Vostro 1700 Laptop Keyboard, with a numeric keypad, and the direction key well isolated, regional independent of each other, to find the key is very convenient.Its strength elastic relatively good, relatively quiet, with large palm rest, feel is quite good.At the same time, ASUS G75VW keyboard also supports backlight function, has three brightness adjustment.

ASUS G75VW board area is large, and supports multi-touch technology, rolling, scaling and other operations are relatively easy to use.At the same time, the board also supports intelligent anti-misoperation touch technology, through the practical use, with only a palm pressure, also cannot affect the position of the cursor, largely avoiding the misoperation.

Interface aspects, ASUS G75VW will all interfaces are distributed on both sides of the main body.The interface in turn for two USB3.0, Acer Extensa 5230 5430 5630 5635 DC Jack Cable, drive, all in one card reader and a set of 3.5mm audio interface; right includes two USB3.0 (one of which supports a charge off function), mini DisplayPort, HDMI, a network interface, VGA video output and a power supply jack.ASUS notebook G75VW up to 4 equipped with a USB3.0 interface is for external high-speed storage device provides excellent support, at the same time, the interface provides the proper spacing, basic will not have the conflict occurs, mini equipped with a DisplayPort interface for high resolution image output to provide security.

Portability, ASUS G75VW alone weighs 4.31 kg, with power adapter is as high as 5.35 kilograms, is not particularly easy to carry.In order to solve the problem of carrying, ASUS G75VW random comes with a backpack ROG knapsack, black appearance does not seem exaggerated, or tend to low-key style.


Characteristic aspect, as a member of the ROG, ASUS G75VW Entertainment Notebook ASUS inherited almost all point to the industry, is the leading SonicMaster sound beauty master audio system, NVIDIA 3D Vision stereoscopic 3D, small to the backlight keyboard, multitouch trackpad, redundant memory, a single hard disk upgrades to expand the space, bit by bit show G75VW game for the life essence.Performance, ASUS G75VW appears more pragmatic, i7-3610QM and GTX 670M collocation is impeccable, deal with the current almost all games is no problem!


Sony EG200C CN1 (white)
Windows 7 Home Basic (Home Basic Edition).
Processor type Intel ? Core i5 2520M.
Processor clock speed z g h 2.5
Memory 4 GB
500 GB of disk space.
Design, in combination with optical drives.
Screen size: 14 inch
16: 9 screen.
Screen resolution: 1366 x 768
Graphics chips NVIDIA GeForce GT 420 M
1 GB memory
The camera of the camera.
Internal audio Chip
Integrated speakers
Microphone built-in microphone.
4XUSBNN2 interface
HDMI and VGA Video
OO interface output or I nn I can het his faith Taa nn. microphone connector.
Other interfaces (RJ45 network contacts), power connector
-1-card reader, card reader
Portable weight 2300 g
Total area: 238.7 x 34.5 x 28, 8-345 09:00
1 year warranty

We have a Sony EG200C Intel Core i5 2520M CN1 2 created a capacity of 4 GB upgrade processor 500 Mhz 3 GB hard-1366 Mori cycle meets one of the requirements for 3D entertainment. Including the user this book without the problems of GT410M Cogeubhyeong of simple graphics chipsets, fights against the type of 3D game world or what? and follow the Sayan, video graphic design, 3D.

The interface of EG200C and Sony is very complete. Are both ends of the shell of Ethernet RJ45 USB VGA 2 four HDMI output, video output, audio input and output HD interfaces and multi card reader on 1 DVD-ROM drive of the computer. Styles of writing, multimedia games easily recording DVD

Choose a different color for other products of level 19, the needs of different users, for example, some of the most important advantages of Sony.

This time, we consider that the handset provides a range of high quality products, now EG200C white tapir CN1 as EG200C three kinds of knowledge that it is possible for males. Women and their children.

Portable Sony surface has 4 combinations of EC blue with texture maps engineering ABS plastic bump rule, is to show the effect of light, you can use in different angles from each other.

Only beauty. Not just hands, sweat and water that may derive from the use of this procedure, which is at the base, because this laptop doesn’t. Reverse cellphone and fingerprinting of points. This design is a course. You agree that all consumers show all categories of people with other points of view

LCD screen size supports up to 14-inch, 1366 x 768 resolution, Sony laptop 14, on the camera screen and easy-to-use, including the microphone and Web-based conferencing and video chat applications to create, not intergrated EG200C thing except CN1.

Change the color of the book in different colors together, EC, Sony b series (c), (d) and 4 colors when you use the images above, and then type the path of the estate and the cover to use the portable format, for example, both men and women. People follow this very nice apartment and electronics.

Frame is one of the most important basic project, Sony 147859712 Keyboard, Sony laptop and chocolate as a book. Some aspects of the design of the keyboard is used in laptops for many consumers. Qualified designers including Sony nails some keys on the keyboard, the lowest available. The message type. If users are not within the time ought to be using only the first fan.


Sony laptop price look so special of the series, the presentation and enjoy YB then the idea of limited budget fashion consumers and science technology from Sony for example has a joint width best prices. Slightly higher YB all, but of course, very high price is nice and all. Who wants to have fun with fashion, users can purchase only if specified.


Now, the reviews is over. If you want to know more other reviews, please focus on my other article—-ASUS X43 Laptop Reviews

Dell XPS L501X evaluation



Hardware configuration, the body thickness, this notebook can be equipped with better performance of the processor and graphics card, 15.6-inch Dell the L501X adopt the Intel Core i7 740QM processor, OEM DELL XPS M1530 AC DC POWER JACK BOARD 07538 1 PB05, 4GB DDR III 1333 memory and a 640GB 7200 rpm hard drive. Intel Core i7 processor with good processing power of this machine, also equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 435M discrete graphics card, this card also have good performance in the game.

This machine is equipped with the Intel Core i7 740QM is a high-end processor, has a 45nm manufacturing process, the default clocked at 1.73GHz, Turbo (Turbo Boost) Dynamic Acceleration technology upgrade to 2.93GHz, according to the actual load dynamic adjustment of 6MB L3 shared cache, supporting Hyper-Threading Technology, 45W maximum thermal design power.

Communication carried out comprehensive testing on the machine after the PCMark Vantage, two of the native games (Gaming Score) Music (Music Score) get higher results, which are consistent with the positioning of the notebook, close to 4000 points (Communications Score) and productivity (Productivity Score) to cope with the office can get a smoother speed, the PCMark Vantage, the final total score of 5420 points, you can see the notebook, the results are more balanced.

Cinebench is a rendering a high-precision 3D scene screen test simply use the CPU to run only once, in a single-processor single-threaded, if the system has more than one processor core or multi-threading, for the first time using only one thread, the second run using all the processor cores and threads. The last single of this processor, dual-core test scores were 3679 and 10406. It can be said that the Intel Core i7 high-end notebook market mainstream dual-core processor, its strong strength to help users cope with the demanding performance limitations.

Hard drive test, HD Tune data show that this is the one produced by Samsung, 640GB 7200RPM SATAII high-speed hard disk, the average read speed of 85.5MB / s, this rate compared with the past 5400RPM hard drive, upgrade the 25-30 % read performance, and continuous view of the data transfer rate performance is relatively stable.

Nvidia Geforce GT 435M discrete graphics to join this machine has become a well-deserved gaming notebook, we can see the 3DMark Vantage test, GPU score of 14912 points. This academic performance can be said to be quite powerful, the market mainstream 3D games will be able to easily win the following, we chose two games of the mainstream of the actual test.

“Need for Speed ??series of games has gone through fourteen generations, has been talked about favorite racing game enthusiasts, recent generations since the most classic of the ninth generation of the” Most Wanted “in terms of gameplay is indeed difficult to make feel particularly big breakthrough, the latest Need for Speed ??14 Hot Pursuit 3 “once again return to the classic cops and robbers chase, hoping to arouse those who like to Hurricane gamers to follow through the story mode on change.

This generation of “Need for Speed ??14” in the display setting also optimized, not many of the related parameter options before running the game to enter the setup menu display setting part has been adjusted, adjust the resolution to the largest 1366 × 768, high-resolution material is set to “On”, the dynamic fuzzy set to “On” of GAMMA correction to adjust the maximum.

Effect of in-game screen is very cool, JBL sound very shocking, in the car prior to departure, deep engine sound quite realistic, starting the whole game run smooth, even in a complex picture processing time, nor pause frames are basically maintained at about 30, can this notebook is fully capable of similar 3D competitive racing game.

Next, we also tested the other, a mainstream 3D games, “Call of Duty 7” is now very mainstream first person shooter, but also through generations of perfect train a lot of fans, which the fierce exchange of gunfire sound the game thinking you the realism of Pro environment, endless gunfire guns bullets against sound of explosions make you audibly into this virtual war.

Before the start of the game in the display settings related to the adjustment of parameters, first adjust the resolution to 1366 × 768, to open full-screen mode, open at the same time 2X anti-aliasing capability to turn off vertical sync, and other special effects are set to turned on.

Exciting shooting picture emerging into the game, the game is running about 30 minutes, this process without any interruptions in the rendering of the intense scenes and frames has been maintained at above 35, on the whole, this The notebook is running in the highest quality “Call of Duty 7” is no problem for the main entertainment Dell XPS L501X, so the performance has been very tough.

The notebook mainly for audio and video entertainment, so we have the cooling capacity of this machine was tested, we still run on this machine the FurMark software and Winrar it fully loaded, about 15 minutes The basic stability of the high-load operation data, and then the internal temperature detection by the sensor in the test software, test results as shown below.

Test software in the sensor measurement finished internal temperature, then we FLUKE Thermal Imager camera keyboard area of ??the body (C surface) and bottom area (surface) temperature measurement results as shown above, the Dell XPS L501X when running at full capacity, the top left of the touchpad keyboard area and close to the area around the temperature of the cooling air outlet is relatively high, the maximum temperature of the surface D is concentrated in the left position.

We also tested the endurance of this machine, can see through the the Windows7 life assessment time, this machine is 99% power saving mode when the life time of 3 hours 30 minutes, but this is just the Windows system estimates, as the user’s environment and the mold different running style, will also vary, for example, if it continues to run large game program life time will be shorter.

Can be seen from the product model, Dell XPS L501X in appearance than our previous evaluation of the XPS L401X to be a larger size, cover also uses a silvery white anodized aluminum production process, the gorgeous simplicity of the surface relief brushed process “DELL” classic LOGO, its simple and straightforward design of the fuselage roof is also in line Dell laptop has always been the style of C, while low-key black as a color over the entire surface of the keyboard operation region the use of a strong texture drawing design.

Dell XPS L501X 15.6 inches 16:9 wide LED backlit LCD screen, it supports a maximum resolution of 1920X1080, more in line with the needs of the game, built-in 2 megapixel webcam at the top of the screen, this camera is by the Skype-certified high-definition network camera, the imaging effect is more prominent, user-friendly Internet video applications daily.

Dell XPS the L501X of the shaft is still using the classic Dell before bleaching Wyatt screen design, the largest opening and closing angle of about 130 °, is also consistent with most of the users ideal viewing angle, 15.6-inch screen on the shaft efforts to a higher requirements, and Dell XPS L501X shaft damping moderate intensity, turn on the screen it does not take much effort.

XPS series models weight, based on actual measurement data, this 15.6-inch XPS L501X machine and the battery weight is 2.797kg, plus adapter travel weight 3.435kg for a work very practical game this is, so the results can be considered acceptable, but with the whole weight of the battery has more than 2.5Kg for outdoor use or to some of the burden.

Notebook switch the power button just above the keyboard, open, there will be a white indicator lights in the right side of the power button Dell specially designed three commonly used shortcut function keys, these three buttons from left to right are the custom button, the Windows Mobility Center, and the audio control software.

We also found that when in operation shortcut keys above the keyboard of the Dell XPS L501X “F1” – “F12” button is not required and the combination of “Fn”, press directly after the main icon on the keys function. just friends may also need some time to adjust, this design eliminates the need for the key combinations used in conjunction with the trouble more easily carry out the operation of multimedia applications.

The effect of the keyboard backlight is a feature of the night to use the keyboard indicator lights can help users better find the corresponding key F6 key can also be adjusted to control the opening of the backlight is very convenient. There is also a shortcut key on the keyboard is very useful is F12 the right side to disable the touchpad buttons, touchpad indicator disappears on behalf of the touchpad can not be used, thereby inadvertently also reduced circumstances.

The top left of the keyboard is well-known JBL logo, rather than the Dell XPS L401X position of the speakers placed on both sides of the C surface, the size of the sound is relatively larger, and ordinary notebook, with a well-known audio advantage of the vendor’s products in actual use is quite obvious, to optimize the audio control plus a high-power woofer, ordinary speakers can not match.

Covers an area of ??the touchpad of the notebook is not too small, and as a decorative touch around the area there is a circle silver, simple linear outline the touch area, brushed finish touchpad, not only in appearance gives an elegant feel, to use more sensitive and precise, traditional touch keys is also very handy, in addition, a large palm rest for our long hours of work provides a more comfortable support.

As a large-size audio-visual entertainment this Dell XPS L501X on the interface type or a rich look at the left side of the fuselage layout, only the USB3.0 interface and cooling outlet to the USB3.0 join can be said for this machine higher data bandwidth, the maximum USB 2.0 data transfer rate of 480Mbps, the speed of USB3.0 transfer rate up to 5Gb / s, more than 10 times the transfer rate of the existing high-speed USB2.0 interface.

Look at the right side of the fuselage, from left to right is the DVD burner, Dell XPS M1330 M1340 CMOS Battery 23.22056.001, audio interface and eSATA high-speed data transfer interface, in addition to both sides of the interface in the rear of the fuselage was also distributed a common interface, which the left rear of the fuselage arrangements Mini Display Interface, a standard HDMI external video interface and RJ-45 line interface, and in the right rear of the fuselage, TV antenna interface, power supply, interface and USB3.0 interface, two mainstream external video output interface users love video is still very necessary, on the whole interface to meet the basic needs of everyday applications, and the distribution of location is also more reasonable.

Dell XPS L501X before the fuselage side is also equipped with multi-card reader, it also gives more friends to bring a lot of convenience of digital products. Bottom of the fuselage cover the following addition to the battery position in the center of the core components of the notebook, if you want to upgrade the hardware components can also be replaced.

12W woofer is prominent in the Dell XPS the L501X’s the bottom of the fuselage configuration, 14-inch XPS model does not have this feature, the benefits of more than a woofer is the sound effect is more vigorous and strong, through our test After listening to the first of the Windows 7 demonstration music, the subwoofer with a pair of speakers to 2.1 surround sound more full sound to shock, and the subwoofer effect can clearly feel.


Dell XPS the L501X re-build the design more simple in appearance can not be compared with a ruthless alien Alienware, but the configuration is no less, especially in video and gaming performance, the performance is very powerful, it is worth mentioning is the use of the JBL sound, whether it is to see large performance in 3D games are quite eye-catching. This notebook prices have been close to a million level, but for users that focus on audio-visual effects and game performance, this audio-visual entertainment correct laptop or worth considering.

Sony G118CN evaluation

The Sony G118CN hardware configuration table
Processor               Intel Core Solo (Yonah) Processor U1500 clock frequency of 1.33GHz
Cache                      2MB L2 Cache
Front Side Bus     533MHz FSB
Main Chipset        Intel 945GM
Memory                 Integrated 1GB of DDR2 533MHz
Graphics                Intel GMA 950
Memory                 Shared system memory up to 128MB
Monitor                 12-inch standard screen; White LEDs (1024 x 768) resolution
Hard disk               Toshiba 100GB (1.8 “); PATA interface; 4200RPM
CD-ROM                 DVDRW
Wireless Network            Intel 3945 802.11a/b/g
Network                              Gigabit Ethernet
Communicate                   Bluetooth
Battery                                5800mAh lithium battery
Weight 1.11KG with battery
Overall travel weight 1.33KG
Pre-installed system          Windows Vista Business Edition

Relationship located in the high-end business people, the VAIO G118CN the hardware configuration of three electricity / heat Tiger restricted in addition to the CPU, graphics card, hard disk, other configurations to show the proper level of the mainstream high-end notebook. It is also ultra-low voltage processor, integrated graphics, 4,200 rpm hard drive applications only make G118CN life to get such amazing results. Overall, the G118 configuration of ultra-thin models is very comprehensive and balanced, after all, this is the expensive cost to build up.

The Sony G118CN and we used to evaluation the life of Wang Huashuo S7F compared to longer battery life, although the configuration of the two is not the same there is a wide gap between this year’s ultra-thin notebook, but with the ultra-light positioning, but also to see bound compared to previous years, more rapid development. Other aspects of the restrictions due to positioning, G Series and nothing highlights academic performance, but the combination of a strong competitive advantage in weight and life after two G series has been in commercial ultra-thin market can have enough weight to to destabilize X60. Performance can not compare the X60, but on the size and endurance, commercial elements, we believe that Sony G series undoubtedly have a greater advantage. In the evaluation of MobileMark2005 achieved 510 minutes of battery life. 8 hours, 30 minutes, the results have been enough to support a full day of busy work, such a terrible life to believe in the short term can not be broken.

Sony’s G Series appearance is very plain, carbon fiber superstructure illustrates how fine, simple and full of “VAIO” logo seems to have been on behalf of all. The business also pursuit of that is simple, it seems thin wind of Commerce in 2007 will inevitably blowing.

Ultra-thin design, necessarily requires extraordinary feelings, after the trial of many of our colleagues, that G118CN this this is very suitable for temporarily placed on the knees used above. Because the body is relatively flat, there is no tangential design, and so will feel more comfortable on the road. 12-inch standard screen dimensions, this point and the black X60 is consistent with, but compared to the Sony G118CN, but you built a CD-ROM drive, and battery life will be completely beyond of X60.

Sinking a shaft part, to the maximum space-saving, but we found this this the shaft is loose, it seems that this this will be a screen loose hidden.

Positive interface with SD / MS card reader, in fact, can together, but may be Sony’s usual style, leaving a space of detached single-family or home MS.

The left side of the interface has a power connector, USB interface, RJ45, vents, PCMCIA card slot.

The right side of the interface has a USB interface, VGA port, RJ11, DVDRW drive.

Shortcut keys, G118CN absolutely a relatively user-friendly, ultra-thin models built-in optical drive, general switches are small, so very inconvenient. But G118CN have the optical drive eject button, and convenient to use. Custom key can be set to familiarize yourself with the operation, edit your personal settings is muted. The power button is very large, very up feeling next to the power status indicator.

The power button below the keyboard status lights in the bottom right of the palm rest is the battery. Hard disk, WLAN, Bluetooth status display.

Unexpected the Sony G118CN power plug but also light, so that can be displayed whether the energized state, which is also in order to compensate for transformer because the volume is too small, there is no power to display lights regret.

Sony this keyboard is worth to talk about, although body size is limited, but inherited a consistent advantage of the Sony laptop keyboard, percussion feeling is very deep, very soft. We removed the keyboard part can also be seen this keyboard in the small ultra-portable is also pretty good.

Sony touchpad more comfortable, nothing like the style of ultra-thin and light design, the keys sound more appropriate, and the keys above the stripes non-slip design.

Sony screen in general, DC POWER JACK CABLE SONY VAIO VGN FS790 VGN FS790B CJA5, the White LED backlight, the focus and is not placed on the enhancement of display, only the brightness of the screen is relatively uniform.

The sound effects do not need to consider, after all, is so thin, but simply to enjoy the next MP3 and DVD no problem.

Dismantling from the following part of the cooling system looks than most notebook as the use of larger heat pipe cooling, but due to the use of single-core U1500 processor, power consumption is very small, naturally you do not need strong the cooling fan. However, we measured in the boot after 40 minutes, the left side of the outlet temperature will not continue to rise a. The fan is loud enough, and more suitable for office in a quiet environment.


Sony G Series listed as a Sony-coming commercial ultra-thin notebook, not only in terms of body material the use of high-grade carbon fiber material, but also to further extend the life time, the use of White LED and U1500 processor, further reducing power consumption. Less than the price of 20,000 yuan compared to the same level opponents ThinkPad X60 is a bit expensive, but Sony’s workmanship and design exciting, win some commercial pursuit of the ultimate battery life time sought after. After all, the results of 8 hours 30 minutes has been an insurmountable obstacle. The next step Sony will also introduce what kind of innovative models that, in accordance with the trend of the G-series and L series, we believe that in 2007, Sony will have a new series of models further joined to the Sony camp.

Toshiba M802 Critique

Toshiba M802 primary equipment construction family table
CPU Intel core2 Duo T5550@1. 8GHz
Most important Chipset Mobile phone Intel GL965 + ICH8M
Reminiscence 1GB DDR2 reminiscence, 667MHz, Parallel Funnel 4G highest possible aid
Illustrations or photos Intel GMA X3100 (400MHz)
Reminiscence Highest possible reveal so that you can 320M (Windows vista)
Watch AUOptronic B133EW01 13. 3 “inch slick widescreen, 06: 10 rate, res: 1280 × 300
Disk drive Seagate 120GB 5400 rpm SATA screen, 8MB cache
Unit: ST9160821AS
Power 11. 1V 6-cell 5200mAh lithium power
Excess fat 2. 0605Kg (by using 6-cell regular power), Go Pounds: 2. 5350Kg, Power Pounds: 310. 5g
Pre-installed procedure Windows 7 Landscape Dwelling High grade

To the equipment section, this particular Toshiba M802 operates on the all Main couple of Duo T5550 dual-core 1. 8G pick, 1G RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY, operating Windows vista wholly happy. 160G harddisk as well as VIDEO burner, with several code encryption, three-dimensional disk drive safety know-how, working with encounter popularity, fingerprint popularity as well as express popularity abilities, completely fulfill the typical demands associated with internet business consumers.

Toshiba M802 Main Duo two T5550 pick, precisely the same rate of recurrence plus T5600, although the distinction is definitely, T5550 would not assistance Intel’s virtualization know-how (VT), a procedure works with regard to suppliers undertaking Ur & T trying within the operator or even consumer-level avid gamers To get common potential customers, you cannot find any VT would be the exact.

Temps manage program by using Intel’s TAT check, move kept regarding thirty minutes that temp from the processor chip might be 56 degrees fahrenheit for leisure time, the ideal may be the 100 % fill operated pertaining to 20 min’s following on from the one climate is certainly 65 levels, displaying the fact that pick is definitely operating within entire capability claim climate sooner.

While in the HDTune check, usual hard disk drive copy price about seventy two. 1M and utes, along at the typical place.

While in the Landscape operation examine, the following Toshiba M802 rating with 3. 0, the smallest scores obviously, can be purchased in the actual involved illustrations or photos component, In spite of this, the actual X3100’s operation with a few appraisal ahead of all of us even said several times a day, performing a common three-dimensional the overall game continues to reference to. A processor chip, reminiscence as well as harddisk rankings can be found while in the several. 5 so that you can four. 8, extra well balanced operation, along at the top place.

Centrino four stand X3100 involved images capabilities about in such a variety, 3DMark05 release, 1024 × 768-pixel quality translates into a 600-800 vary, that may be found using the Toshiba M802 X3100 X3100 offers maxed your all around degree; around 3DMark06 edition, overall performance concerns 400-600, we will as well begin to see the Toshiba M802’s overall performance is rather positive, and like a 13. 3-inch styles, by using this sort of final result continues to be great. In fact, together with the Toshiba M802 have fun with quite a few three dimensional mmorpgs aren’t true large, however to manage a good number of online games as well as industry software programs for example pleasure no worries in the least.

Toshiba M802 M302 similar in look, although the pass away decrease so that you can 13. 3 inches tall, as well as Toshiba M802’s used your 13. 3-inch 06: 9 computer screen, Satellite television on pc M802 Toshiba forgotten in look Dish Mirielle Sequence types of the last, magic along with dark colored, plus try these days well known dark-colored violin car paint body + overcast ranges inlayed while in the covering design and style. 13. 3-inch Toshiba M802 body mass as much as 1. 9Kg pretty gentle. M802 Toshiba construction Intel Primary couple of Duo T5550 pick (1. 83GHz), INTEL X3100 involved images, 1GB DDR2 reminiscence, 160GB SATA harddisk as well as built-in double-sided VIDEO burner.

Amenable the actual computer screen insure, M802 clearly while in the view from the working stage. All around appear M802 stage and also to keep an excellent a higher level general opinion overall body presence, although the system from the terms that they are a lot more evident. Reported by Toshiba, the state intro, M802 stand supply will not be an easy customization, that incorporates aluminium fabric in order to suppresses, it may possibly not just protected with the light from the system, and even further boost the a higher level an entire system from the surprise.

Toshiba M802 is a perfect section from the fuselage dual burner, UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS interface, cellphone collection screen plus system slot, as a consequence of present-day phone sections may be a small amount of prospect, thus think that a M802 had been to help you support the mobile phone collection slot much too practical.

While in the user interface, a Toshiba Satellite television on pc M802 is often thought to be very positive. To the kept section is really a VGA interface, couple of USB2. 0, TOSHIBA SATELLITE L350 14F DC POWER JACK w CABLE, IEEE1394, HDMI screen as well as EX GIRLFRIEND unit card user interface, right here often be spotted the fact that M802’s HARDWARE harbour along with HDMI as well tight, nonetheless there are several commonalities in look so consumers while in the pass-up.

On top of that, the top fuselage M802 offers multi-card visitor, handheld LAN equipment turn plus quantity restrain call, volume level regulate call As the model is very easy, specifically the actual customer’s each day make use of, whilst still being really user-friendly.
If customers amenable a M802, you will see the product essential following on from the trunk together with the jogging console features 2 types of unique point out. Shutdown, M802’s working stand is your swimming pool in private pools, noiseless as well as profound, as well as footwear a working stage is a new starry evening mist. Simply because, while in the Toshiba M802 system disguised outcome associated with many different luminescent screen along with XMAS TREES lighting and appliances.

Inside of a energy pointer lumination over that keyboard set, movie experditions an overall with 7 shortcut house keys BROUGHT ABOUT lighting, as you move pc style keyboard is actually combined through the bottom level of your “Satellite” Logo design lighting and appliances, personal computer mouse, and has now the actual condition pointer lighting. This particular develop but not only vastly improve the wonder associated with Toshiba M802 podium as well makes it possible for individuals to use after dark to help you quite simply have an understanding of nys in the piece of equipment performing.

Toshiba Satellite television on pc M802 working come to feel. Toshiba M802 pc pc style keyboard will not be a typical computer keyboard, a a long way correct while in the concept from the keyboard set arrow secrets not to mention PgUp, PgDn car keys, nonetheless generally manage community using a similar for an regular key board. Really feel of your pc style keyboard, a Toshiba Satellite television on pc M802 computer keyboard as one are usually complicated, as well as tiny bit backside several years, while in the speedy entering might create a positive sounds, demands you to make use of precious time to modify.

Toshiba Satellite television on pc M802 contact mattress pad sensitive mouse includes a unique organ of the reach apartment together with manage podium to your single cosmetic outcome, has the benefit of the striped look and feel, although the lashes on the specified distinction on coloring. On top of that, have the touching cushion about the Toshiba M802 incomplete astringent, plus for the reason that a lot combined with the actual stage, frequently appear while in the business associated with line phenomena. Remaining plus perfect computer mouse links as one additional firm, including a smooth style and design lets the actual provider for you to really feel irritating, when kept as well as best sensitive mouse control keys are usually simple to make finger prints rather stunning.

From the simple view brings about observe video clips, Toshiba Satellite television on pc M802-screen colour vividness, great, whilst sheltering the sunlight pertaining to outside usage once the reflect is likewise wonderful. Acoustic as well as training video, the issue is extremely fine, the degree is actually sizeable ample to completely fulfill the every day preferences just like reviewing dvds, could has got the standard laptop sound systems widespread issue might be loss of muskie, the best acquaintances will find high-quality earphones or even get hold of a fantastic wedding speaker to cope with the the issue.

Style to the LCD computer screen is actually inserted inside a 1. 3-megapixel dslr camera, while in the program, jewel photo level of quality or even tempo involving reaction are very fantastic, over exactly the same a higher standard operation versions, nonetheless resolved family member to the present model common revolving develop might be just a bit travel within the salve.

Excess fat, the cutter using the power with two. 0605Kg, go pounds couple of. 5350Kg, power pounds with 310g, for your 13. 1-inch journal, the actual excess fat plus width restrain is likewise very good.

New York Shopping Brief summary:

Today’s 13. 3-inch laptop products and solutions became a popular on 08 dimension, never miss out on a release in Toshiba’s spectacular efficiency, performance plus simple Portege M800 sequence is actually a internet business appliance. 1. 9 kg of your shape inside the Intel Main two Duo T5550 chip, 160GB substantial harddisk, additional styles as well adequate for your personal application form. The actual journal sector placement in the industry owners, information basic safety in the 12 inches function. Toshiba Portege M800 sequence private airplane with several security encryption, three-dimensional disk drive safety know-how, working with encounter popularity plus tone of voice attention, which means your laptop computer details invulnerable, so you’re able to appreciate relaxed plus handy online digital organization existence.

> style plus skillfullness are certainly great, feature-rich;
> making use of the T5550 processor chip, the price tag is actually rather great.

Not as much as:
> for any 13. 3-inch styles, the actual cool procedure is required to be enhanced;



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A good inexpensive laptop computer, really fashionable with superb functions such as an enormous 500GB Hard disk and DC JACK HARNESS TOSHIBA SATELLITE A135 S4527 with regard to keeping all of your loved ones movies as well as pictures, the nice 4GB associated with DDR3 Memory (the actual digesting mind from the pc) along with a extremely fast 2. 13 GHz Dual-Core Processor chip, producing for any effective laptop computer what ever your requirements might be .
The actual Toshiba LS05-GS5037 arrives pre-installed using the brand new Home windows 7 House High quality release. A strong operating-system through Ms helping you to very easily see the web, reveal reminiscences along with just about all your family and friends as well as perform songs inside the Home windows Press Middle. Extra software program set up consists of Ms Functions, perfect for all you workplace function and you will additionally have a sixty day time free trial offer edition associated with Ms Workplace. Concerning pc protection this particular device has a one month test with regard to Norton’s as well as Toshiba’s own COMPUTER Wellness Keep track of. Can one perform video games about this laptop computer?
Based on exactly what video games a person imply, certain it is possible in order to perform all of the regular fundamental video games which come pre-installed along with Home windows 7, included in this are Solitaire, Chess Titans, FreeCell as well as Minesweeper. additionally you will find games within which you’ll contend with additional Home windows 7 customers, they are Web Spades, Web Checkers as well as Backgammon. Furthermore it is possible in order to perform video games on the internet through well-liked system websites such as Myspace. Concerning actual games as well as video games produced from ’09 up-wards, this particular device might battle, for instance this particular device won’t manage all of the most recent video games that need the high-end images greeting card, however it may perform old video games effortlessly. Will i possess sufficient space for storage?
This particular Laptop computer offers 500GB associated with space for storage, ample for that typical person. Keep in mind keeping something in your hard-drive isn’t completely secure. Considerations you’d not need to get rid of also needs to end up being moved onto fall short secure press, the hard-drive might and may breakdown anytime, therefore usually perform your own backups, this is often contributed to the truth that this particular laptop computer has a DVD-Writer, to help you very easily move documents as well as paperwork onto the COMPACT DISC or even DVD AND BLU-RAY. Exactly what extra extra supplies tend to be about this device?
You’ll be very happy to discover this particular includes almost anything any kind of brand new laptop computer must have, including the web cam, DVD-Writer, built-in loudspeakers, quick Ethernet as well as 3 HARDWARE plug-ins with regard to insert in most extra supplies a person may decide to make use of TOSHIBA SATELLITE R10 S820 DC POWER JACK CABLE CJ31
A strong program for anybody attempting to make use of this with regard to common web searching, or even function. The machine standards is great as well as provides you with sleek procedure actually upon duties that need lots of pc energy. This particular laptop computer isn’t the video gaming laptop computer, therefore you are searching for high-end video gaming energy this particular device ought to be prevented and something having a higher energy images greeting card ought to be bought.



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Toshiba L600D Review

Toshiba Satellite L600D hardware configuration
Processor                                          AMD Athlon II X2 P320, clocked at 2.1GHz
Memory                                            2GB DDR3 memory
Graphics                                           ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5145 (512MB DDR3)
Monitor                                            14-inch 16:9 screen resolution of 1366 x 768
Hard disk                                         320GB 5400 rpm hard drive
CD-ROM                                            DVD burner
Reader                                               One card reader, SD, MS, MS Pro, MMC, SDHC
Pre-installed system                    Windows 7 Home Basic

Toshiba Satellite L600 series has a variety of colors and configurations, customers can choose according to personal preferences. And the evaluation of this Toshiba Satellite L600D-09B is a classic black, with the HP Imprint, piano paint and other fashion elements, stable at the same time with a stylish color.

Toshiba L600D with a sunken shaft design, not seen after unexpected opening of the shaft, it is quite beautiful. Effect of the two speakers above the keyboard is also good, although not perfect interpretation of the music, NW SONY VGN NS M790 DC CABLE JACK 073 0001 5213 A5 can expect in the slightest details, but the music sounds big enough movie, do not split, Naiting will meet most people’s needs.

A surface hardness still, dark black coat pattern to bring a touch of layering. 14-inch glossy screen uses LED backlight technology, low energy consumption at the same time brought a bright color, but closer look at this screen from the grid would be more obvious, it is not so delicate.

Toshiba L600D positive is very simple, only the left side of a card reader and a row of lights above. The left side of the machine interface to rich, from left to right is the cable interface, HDMI, Esata / USB dual interface, a USB microphone and headset interfaces. The right side of the machine to accommodate a DVD burner can only be provided after a USB, a VGA video connector and power connector.

Since the battery placed in the rear of the machine, so the rear does not provide other interfaces. Overall, Toshiba L600D have a common interface, sufficient to meet the needs of general users. Built-in camera and microphone, but the camera results in general, can only meet the needs of the user network chat.

Maximum angle of opening and closing the machine at 135 degrees, enough to satisfy most home users. At the same time you can see that this machine is not thin, thin, after all, ordinary users often means higher performance and lower the price, if Toshiba could be considered frivolous pursuit of the R series.

Toshiba L600D Toshiba keyboard continues the consistent style, feel good, while some use a sunken keyboard design, stronger sense of hierarchy. Abolished the L500 series of multimedia buttons, all functions of all the use of FN key combination in the form to complete.

It is worth mentioning that as long as the lower left of the FN key, top of the screen will show all the key combination, and a Chinese comment, ease of use. Poor light situations can quickly find the desired function.

Touchpad with a matte around the distinction between process and, without any gaps. Touchpad feel very good, size is ideal, while supporting the popular multi-touch. Button above the touchpad you can disable the touchpad when an external mouse touchpad eliminates the impact of typing.

Reader for the MS / SD dual-use, and support SDXC the latest standards, the future can use the maximum 2TB SDXC card. Reader does not have dust control measures, but you can usually use when you can plug in an SD card to do ready boost speed system, also play a role in dust.

Toshiba laptops usually built a lot of utility software, some functions have a good utility. This is a Toshiba power display software, you can see the calculated real-time power, users can easily understand their operation produces the corresponding power consumption. Actual use can be found in plug in the power consumption of 22 watts or so, the case of battery-powered 14-watt power consumption is only about power management can be seen that the effect is good.

Toshiba L600D cooling performance so bad, you can see the figure above 25 degrees C in the online environment will not overheat the basic feeling of the machine on the left can only feel some warm, noise control is also good, do not pay attention did not feel the fans in turn. However, care in the long part of his left hand after the game is quite hot, but also clearly hear the fan noise. Bottom temperature is not too high, measured air temperature is as high as 41 degrees, it seems to bring a large body good heat dissipation.

Wireless Internet access during normal operation, the battery life generally, 4200MAh battery can only use two and a half hours, but in the open, after Toshiba’s eco-saving mode, battery life increased to three hours.

In the bottom of the machine, you can only remove trees to replace the hard disk screws, replace the memory etc, very convenient. Since the original machine which is only a memory, so without any waste can be easily upgraded to 4G memory.

Travel weight of 2.629 kg, the weight of the basic level of computer is not much difference between the long bear will feel more tired.

Use WIN7 own scoring system, we can see that L600D after the adoption of the VISION platform, and there is no obvious short-board, score remained at 5 points or more, you can run smoothly WIN7, sufficient to meet the needs of general users.

In CPU-Z can be seen using this CPU is AMD AthlonII P320 dual-core processor, clocked at 2100MHz, and with 2 × 512KB of L2 cache. This configuration may not work with INTEL i3, i5 comparable, but also satisfy the user’s normal use. Graphics using the ATI Radeon HD5145, frequency of 720MHz.

After 3DMark06 tests, can be seen in the 1366 × 768 and 1024 × 768 resolution, the results for the 4308 and 3893, respectively. The basic performance to meet the entertainment needs of the ordinary.

PCMARK Vantage overall performance of this test computer software, the score has reached 3198 points, though not really good comprehensive performance, but fortunately a more balanced, sufficient to meet the needs of most users.

HD Tune Pro test, to see the hard disk transfer rate up to 91.5MB / s, the average is also 70MB / s or more, very eye-catching. Slightly higher CPU utilization rate of 6.6%, but also perfectly acceptable. Hard disk temperature of 37 °, cooling performance is good.

Summary: Toshiba Toshiba L600 series is the main cost-effective products, and this L600D-09B as the first notebook powered by AMD multi-core platform, price is better. Toshiba notebook while the fine workmanship, good details of the deal, a subsidiary of rich features make Sony VGN NR DC IN Jack Cable 073 0001 3775 A competitiveness further. If you usually use the computer only for general Internet access, play some casual games, to run some routine office software, then this L600D-09B is an excellent choice.