Intel Corporation has issued a statement to confirm the USB 3.0 interface on its Haswell processor supporting chipset design flaw, a portable drive disappeared phenomenon will appear in the system into standby. In some cases, the need to reconnect the mobile device, such as HP G71 Series DC Power Jack Connector 531864-001 CJ47B.

Intel design flaw in this statement will be regarded as a errata. Intel says:

The fourth-generation Core processors will be released mid-year, Intel released the product change notification “(PCN: Product Change Notification) recorded on a chipset USB error. But Intel has confirmed that this will not cause data loss or damage. The only problem is affecting a small number of the USB SuperSpeed ??convenient drive, without affecting other USB peripherals. Customer reaction seriously, if user reaction, you can feel free to contact Intel customer support.

Intel 8 series chipset USB 3.0 defects, though not very serious, but still caused widespread concern, Intel is not the first time fix Forces practice is attracting many criticized and questioned. However, Intel has fixed this problem, we will see the effect in the second batch of the motherboard.

Intel’s latest release of the product design change notification chipset stepping version of 8/C220 series from C1 to upgrade to C2, solved by changing a metal layer to the USB 3.0 devices system hibernation (S3) after wake-up, does not recognize the need to reseated.

C1, C2 stepping chipsets are pin-compatible, no need to change the design of the motherboard.

This change involved chipset models include desktop Z87, H87, B85, Q87, Q85, notebook HM87, HM86, QM87, server C222, C224, C226.

According to product change notifications, a new version of the “step” – incidental patches chipset products, starting from April 19 delivered to the customer. The final revised version of the chipset will start on July 15 delivered to the customer.

Haswell processor, 8-series chipset released already arranged at the end of May to early June, which means the first motherboard only defective C1 stepping, want to buy a new motherboard have at least August.

If you have a USB 3.0 device, you need to use S3 sleep, so please be patient to wait for two months, otherwise it does not matter.