Processor    Intel Core2 T6500
Chip            GM45/ICH9-M
Memory       2GB DDR2
Hard disk     320GB 5400rpm
Video card   ATI Mobility HD4570
Screen        13.3 inch
Weight         2.22kg
Battery        10.8V/4000Wh
Cooling        Toshiba Satellite A15 Laptop CPU Cooling Fan

Toshiba M900 using T6500 processor with GM45 chip set, and use the ATI Mobility HD4570 independent video card.In wPrime, the 32M and 1024M scores were 36.614 and 1167.534 seconds.In Cinebench R10, the single nucleus score for 2255CB, dual score of 4273CB, OpenGL score was 3711CB.

Memory, M900 uses 2GB × 1 single channel mode, the bandwidth of 4252.739MB/s.

Storage, M900 Hitachi 320GB 5400rpm hard drive, speed is 5400RPM, the data cache for 8MB, the actual test speed is 54.7MB/s.

Graphics, M900 uses ATI Mobility HD4570 independent video cards, memory 512MB, memory bandwidth of 64 bit.In 3DMark06 test, 1024 x 768 resolution lower score of 4406.

Comprehensive performance test, the PCMark05 score was 4565, processor, memory, graphics, hard disk scores of 5316, 4166, 4608, 3888.In the PCMark Vantage test, the comprehensive score of 3169, which the performance of the game a score of 2801, the performance of data processing for 2521.


Appearance, Toshiba M900 uses “Mousa lines” process, this “Mousa lines” feel like a thick bed nets texture, feels even make some nostalgia.Relatively speaking, the matte surface feel far better than the imprint painting appearance, is not sticky, not easily fingerprint.

Mousa lines not only touch on the unique advantages, in the texture, Toshiba M900 Mousa lines also bring people fresh wind, texture type screen cover style with mirror type screen cover is different, its more introverted, stable, simple.

Toshiba M900 still retains its screen cover stamping logo design technique, the huge silver mirror “TOSHIBA” logo, is very atmospheric, with Mousa lines with very comfortable, but also to the introverted texture screen cover brought reiki.

M900 keyboard is still used for yarn texture, and with black color, style stable.Keyboard wrist rest high light style and texture of the Polish style, with each other and complementary, rather characteristics, the two match at first sight, some not harmonious, but look for a long time, will adapt to the end, you’ll find out, this match is very great, otherwise the keyboard surface will dull.

M900 keyboard keys for high optical lens design as Toshiba Satellite L355D-S7825 Laptop Keyboard, with its smooth, quick hitting power is not enough, there will be sliding fingertips, and not very comfortable.The design of keyboard edge buffer does not hit, hit the border.Mousa lines wrist rest with frosted feel comfortable, refreshing, and wrist support rational temperature control.M900 speaker layout reasonable, sound good, and beautiful in appearance, while M900 speaker also supports the Dolby sound, can provide good sound effect.Touch panel design characteristics, and the design of fingerprint feature, with high-end properties.

It is worth mentioning that, Toshiba M900 provided eliminating lamp function.M900 in the front end of the keyboard design has a touch sensitive keys, and a status indicator corresponding.Under normal conditions, touch sensitive keys with a strong background light, prevent users from viewing screen.Design engineer and a lamp function.Just let your finger from one side to the other side sliding, background lights that automatically closes again, sliding and open lamp.This design is very humane, improve user comfort.

The interface, which in turn is VGA, M900 left heat dissipation window, HDMI, TOSHIBA SATELLITE L350-14F DC POWER JACK w CABLE, eSATA (compatible with USB), USB and Express Card/54, in the Express Card interface, also designed the audio interface.The right for the CD driver, occupy a large area, the M900 drive in the wrist rest, drive heat a small, will not let the wrist rest became hot.The interface includes a power interface, and a USB RJ-45.M900 front and interface layout, includes a SD card slot and wireless LAN switch.


Toshiba M900 is a running the public and recreational use of models, this product with Toshiba before 13.3 inch models is the biggest difference between the increase in performance strong independent video card, which extended 13.3 inch notebook Toshiba use range, also accord with the needs of users.

M900 the screen cover aspects of abandoned before the imprint process, using fresh style “Mousa lines”, feel good, feel special.This process screen cover more stable, and the texture of class screen cover without the need for frequent maintenance, especially its not easy to show the fingerprint, more practical.