Processor           Intel i7-3610QM
Memory             2*4GB DDR3 1600
Hard disk           Momentus XT 750GB 7200rpm with 8GB Seagate SLC Flsh
Screen                17.3 inches, resolution 1920×1080, support 3D
Video card        NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M 3GB GDDR5192bit
Network             Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n , Bluetooth 4
Battery               8 core lithium battery, 74Wh
Weight                Features: 4.31Kg, Travel: 5.35Kg
Cooling               HP Pavilion dv7z Laptop CPU Cooling Fan

ASUS G75VW using the Intel22nm process of core i7-3610QM Quad processor.The processor has a 2.3GHz frequency and 3.3GHz maximum core frequency, 6MB level three cache, and support for Hyper-Threading technology.In the wPrime v2.00 test, G75VW in 32M and 1024M calculation results were 8.312 seconds and 249.008 seconds.The CineBench test, R10 test, ASUS G75VW mononuclear score of 5705, multinucleated achievement is 21593, OpenGL is 6008; and the R11.5 test, single nuclear grade 1.38pts, multiple nuclear grades 6.27pts, OpenGL for 47.64fps

Memory, ASUS G75VW is equipped with 2 4GB DDR3 1600 memory, total 8GB, provided by modern, sequential 11-11-11-28.After the test, the reading speed is up to 17195MB/s, write speed for 17013MB/s.

ASUS G75VW standard Seagate third generation MomentusXT hybrid hard disk, capacity 750GB, rotating speed 7200rpm, and comes with 8GB SLC flash disk, hard disk can be based on user usage, often be used to copy files to the SLC flash memory to improve reading performance.Reading speed test, the first test, the average reading was 94.2MB/s, the average seek time for 16ms.And in the second round of the test link, the seek time shortens to solid state disk level, visible G75VW hard drive is still very good.At the same time, ASUS G75VW provides two hard disks, Raid support, users can upgrade.

The Windows 7 system assessment link, operating system is given 5.9 points, memory, graphics processor for evaluation, have broken through 7.4 close greatly, become the bottleneck of the hard disk, only obtained 5.9 points.

In the PCMark 7 test, because the ASUS G75VW uses hybrid hard disk, so this link needed to be run multiple times, the scores on the change of concept.The first round of testing, G75VW PCMark 7 score of 4094.After many times testing, G75VW PCMark score rose to 4176 7.

ASUS G75VW equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M independent video card, based on the Fermi architecture, with 336 CUDA core, 3GB GDDR5 memory, width 192bit, bandwidth is as high as 72GB/s.In the DirectX 3DMark Vantage 10 baseline performance test link, ASUS G75VW acquired Entry models under 48332 grades.In the Performance link, ASUS G75VW won the P13867 total score, 11138 video card performance close to the desktop GTX260+, slightly inferior to GTX550Ti.DirectX 11 benchmark, the machine in the 3DMark 11 test results for P3020 link, wherein the card child 2722.Heaven v2.5, 768P resolution, default settings, ASUS G75VW total score was 956 points, an average of 37.9 frames.

Game test link, ASUS G75VW at a resolution of 1920×1080, 3D model did not open the case, DX9, DX10 and DX11 games have very good support, “Street Fighter 4” average frame 185.16 frame, “biochemical crisis 5” 94.5 frames, and the configuration requirements more stringent “Lost Planet 2”. Won the 29.4 frame performance.

At the same time, ASUS G75VW also supports NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 stereoscopic 3D technology, and with the 2 generation 3D shutter glasses.Through the NVIDIA 3D Vision G75VW, ASUS stereopsis is still very vivid, especially the demo program, with a huge NVIDIA identifies the oncoming, touch feeling.While in the game, 3D Vision in the “Street Fighter 4” game with good support, screen smooth, but in “Resident Evil 5” scene appeared in the cottonwood, skipping phenomenon.

Endurance, ASUS G75VW equipped with 74Wh battery.The use of MobileMark 2007 actual endurance test, when the notebook is in low load running status, graphics resources has not been fully utilized.In this case, the G75VW duration of 159 minutes.

Heat, ASUS G75VW in at the bottom of the fuselage to provide a row into the transom, cold air directly enters, and were down on both sides of the fuselage to is located in the two rotating shaft of the fan, and the rear end of the fuselage from.We select the AIDA64 system stability test and Furmark two software at the same time, the former on the notebook CPU loaded, the latter can be on the card with the highest, notebook fever.After half an hour of full-load operation, ASUS G75VW processor is maintained at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius to 75 degrees Celsius, graphics.ASUS notebook surface, G75VW in full half an hour later, parts of no heat, and the temperature of the surrounding environment or even the same!The keyboard and the temperature is generally higher than the body temperature.Apart from the heat dissipation window, the bottom of the G75VW temperature is maintained at a relatively low level of the whole testing process, and did not hear significant fan noise.

In the understanding of the ASUS G75VW hardware configuration and the basic properties, we can have a look at the appearance of it.

ASUS G75VW designs followed before the style, front is thin, lines tough, sharp, like super car cool car.Notebook rear huge zigzag heat dissipation window similar to super run tail, particularly cool.The G75VW cover surfaces using class skin coating, damping are moderate, delicate touch, the points of ROG logo printed on black, quiet, introverted, and full of explosive force.Screen frame of medium width, screen the anti-glare treatment, can effectively alleviate visual fatigue; equipment chocolate keyboard, palmrest sandblasting surface treatment, color is very harmonious.

Screen, ASUS G75VW equipped with 17.3 inch LCD panel, to support the NVIDIA 3D Vision stereoscopic image display.The material for the TN, due to the addition of ASUS exclusive Splendid color enhancement technique, therefore in the display effect is satisfactory.Because of the use of the first drift type screen design, the largest opening angle of 134 °

ASUS G75VW built-in bass cannon, and support the ASUS SonicMaster “sound beauty master” sound technology, acoustics and the main push entertainment N series compared to, go beyond.In addition, in order to meet the game player to the voice of the demands in many aspects, the G75VW also includes a pair of SteelSeries Gaming Headset, model SIBERIA.

The keyboard, ASUS G75VW equipped with full-size chocolate keyboard as Dell Vostro 1700 Laptop Keyboard, with a numeric keypad, and the direction key well isolated, regional independent of each other, to find the key is very convenient.Its strength elastic relatively good, relatively quiet, with large palm rest, feel is quite good.At the same time, ASUS G75VW keyboard also supports backlight function, has three brightness adjustment.

ASUS G75VW board area is large, and supports multi-touch technology, rolling, scaling and other operations are relatively easy to use.At the same time, the board also supports intelligent anti-misoperation touch technology, through the practical use, with only a palm pressure, also cannot affect the position of the cursor, largely avoiding the misoperation.

Interface aspects, ASUS G75VW will all interfaces are distributed on both sides of the main body.The interface in turn for two USB3.0, Acer Extensa 5230 5430 5630 5635 DC Jack Cable, drive, all in one card reader and a set of 3.5mm audio interface; right includes two USB3.0 (one of which supports a charge off function), mini DisplayPort, HDMI, a network interface, VGA video output and a power supply jack.ASUS notebook G75VW up to 4 equipped with a USB3.0 interface is for external high-speed storage device provides excellent support, at the same time, the interface provides the proper spacing, basic will not have the conflict occurs, mini equipped with a DisplayPort interface for high resolution image output to provide security.

Portability, ASUS G75VW alone weighs 4.31 kg, with power adapter is as high as 5.35 kilograms, is not particularly easy to carry.In order to solve the problem of carrying, ASUS G75VW random comes with a backpack ROG knapsack, black appearance does not seem exaggerated, or tend to low-key style.


Characteristic aspect, as a member of the ROG, ASUS G75VW Entertainment Notebook ASUS inherited almost all point to the industry, is the leading SonicMaster sound beauty master audio system, NVIDIA 3D Vision stereoscopic 3D, small to the backlight keyboard, multitouch trackpad, redundant memory, a single hard disk upgrades to expand the space, bit by bit show G75VW game for the life essence.Performance, ASUS G75VW appears more pragmatic, i7-3610QM and GTX 670M collocation is impeccable, deal with the current almost all games is no problem!