Sony EG200C CN1 (white)
Windows 7 Home Basic (Home Basic Edition).
Processor type Intel ? Core i5 2520M.
Processor clock speed z g h 2.5
Memory 4 GB
500 GB of disk space.
Design, in combination with optical drives.
Screen size: 14 inch
16: 9 screen.
Screen resolution: 1366 x 768
Graphics chips NVIDIA GeForce GT 420 M
1 GB memory
The camera of the camera.
Internal audio Chip
Integrated speakers
Microphone built-in microphone.
4XUSBNN2 interface
HDMI and VGA Video
OO interface output or I nn I can het his faith Taa nn. microphone connector.
Other interfaces (RJ45 network contacts), power connector
-1-card reader, card reader
Portable weight 2300 g
Total area: 238.7 x 34.5 x 28, 8-345 09:00
1 year warranty

We have a Sony EG200C Intel Core i5 2520M CN1 2 created a capacity of 4 GB upgrade processor 500 Mhz 3 GB hard-1366 Mori cycle meets one of the requirements for 3D entertainment. Including the user this book without the problems of GT410M Cogeubhyeong of simple graphics chipsets, fights against the type of 3D game world or what? and follow the Sayan, video graphic design, 3D.

The interface of EG200C and Sony is very complete. Are both ends of the shell of Ethernet RJ45 USB VGA 2 four HDMI output, video output, audio input and output HD interfaces and multi card reader on 1 DVD-ROM drive of the computer. Styles of writing, multimedia games easily recording DVD

Choose a different color for other products of level 19, the needs of different users, for example, some of the most important advantages of Sony.

This time, we consider that the handset provides a range of high quality products, now EG200C white tapir CN1 as EG200C three kinds of knowledge that it is possible for males. Women and their children.

Portable Sony surface has 4 combinations of EC blue with texture maps engineering ABS plastic bump rule, is to show the effect of light, you can use in different angles from each other.

Only beauty. Not just hands, sweat and water that may derive from the use of this procedure, which is at the base, because this laptop doesn’t. Reverse cellphone and fingerprinting of points. This design is a course. You agree that all consumers show all categories of people with other points of view

LCD screen size supports up to 14-inch, 1366 x 768 resolution, Sony laptop 14, on the camera screen and easy-to-use, including the microphone and Web-based conferencing and video chat applications to create, not intergrated EG200C thing except CN1.

Change the color of the book in different colors together, EC, Sony b series (c), (d) and 4 colors when you use the images above, and then type the path of the estate and the cover to use the portable format, for example, both men and women. People follow this very nice apartment and electronics.

Frame is one of the most important basic project, Sony 147859712 Keyboard, Sony laptop and chocolate as a book. Some aspects of the design of the keyboard is used in laptops for many consumers. Qualified designers including Sony nails some keys on the keyboard, the lowest available. The message type. If users are not within the time ought to be using only the first fan.


Sony laptop price look so special of the series, the presentation and enjoy YB then the idea of limited budget fashion consumers and science technology from Sony for example has a joint width best prices. Slightly higher YB all, but of course, very high price is nice and all. Who wants to have fun with fashion, users can purchase only if specified.


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