Hardware configuration, the body thickness, this notebook can be equipped with better performance of the processor and graphics card, 15.6-inch Dell the L501X adopt the Intel Core i7 740QM processor, OEM DELL XPS M1530 AC DC POWER JACK BOARD 07538 1 PB05, 4GB DDR III 1333 memory and a 640GB 7200 rpm hard drive. Intel Core i7 processor with good processing power of this machine, also equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce GT 435M discrete graphics card, this card also have good performance in the game.

This machine is equipped with the Intel Core i7 740QM is a high-end processor, has a 45nm manufacturing process, the default clocked at 1.73GHz, Turbo (Turbo Boost) Dynamic Acceleration technology upgrade to 2.93GHz, according to the actual load dynamic adjustment of 6MB L3 shared cache, supporting Hyper-Threading Technology, 45W maximum thermal design power.

Communication carried out comprehensive testing on the machine after the PCMark Vantage, two of the native games (Gaming Score) Music (Music Score) get higher results, which are consistent with the positioning of the notebook, close to 4000 points (Communications Score) and productivity (Productivity Score) to cope with the office can get a smoother speed, the PCMark Vantage, the final total score of 5420 points, you can see the notebook, the results are more balanced.

Cinebench is a rendering a high-precision 3D scene screen test simply use the CPU to run only once, in a single-processor single-threaded, if the system has more than one processor core or multi-threading, for the first time using only one thread, the second run using all the processor cores and threads. The last single of this processor, dual-core test scores were 3679 and 10406. It can be said that the Intel Core i7 high-end notebook market mainstream dual-core processor, its strong strength to help users cope with the demanding performance limitations.

Hard drive test, HD Tune data show that this is the one produced by Samsung, 640GB 7200RPM SATAII high-speed hard disk, the average read speed of 85.5MB / s, this rate compared with the past 5400RPM hard drive, upgrade the 25-30 % read performance, and continuous view of the data transfer rate performance is relatively stable.

Nvidia Geforce GT 435M discrete graphics to join this machine has become a well-deserved gaming notebook, we can see the 3DMark Vantage test, GPU score of 14912 points. This academic performance can be said to be quite powerful, the market mainstream 3D games will be able to easily win the following, we chose two games of the mainstream of the actual test.

“Need for Speed ??series of games has gone through fourteen generations, has been talked about favorite racing game enthusiasts, recent generations since the most classic of the ninth generation of the” Most Wanted “in terms of gameplay is indeed difficult to make feel particularly big breakthrough, the latest Need for Speed ??14 Hot Pursuit 3 “once again return to the classic cops and robbers chase, hoping to arouse those who like to Hurricane gamers to follow through the story mode on change.

This generation of “Need for Speed ??14” in the display setting also optimized, not many of the related parameter options before running the game to enter the setup menu display setting part has been adjusted, adjust the resolution to the largest 1366 × 768, high-resolution material is set to “On”, the dynamic fuzzy set to “On” of GAMMA correction to adjust the maximum.

Effect of in-game screen is very cool, JBL sound very shocking, in the car prior to departure, deep engine sound quite realistic, starting the whole game run smooth, even in a complex picture processing time, nor pause frames are basically maintained at about 30, can this notebook is fully capable of similar 3D competitive racing game.

Next, we also tested the other, a mainstream 3D games, “Call of Duty 7” is now very mainstream first person shooter, but also through generations of perfect train a lot of fans, which the fierce exchange of gunfire sound the game thinking you the realism of Pro environment, endless gunfire guns bullets against sound of explosions make you audibly into this virtual war.

Before the start of the game in the display settings related to the adjustment of parameters, first adjust the resolution to 1366 × 768, to open full-screen mode, open at the same time 2X anti-aliasing capability to turn off vertical sync, and other special effects are set to turned on.

Exciting shooting picture emerging into the game, the game is running about 30 minutes, this process without any interruptions in the rendering of the intense scenes and frames has been maintained at above 35, on the whole, this The notebook is running in the highest quality “Call of Duty 7” is no problem for the main entertainment Dell XPS L501X, so the performance has been very tough.

The notebook mainly for audio and video entertainment, so we have the cooling capacity of this machine was tested, we still run on this machine the FurMark software and Winrar it fully loaded, about 15 minutes The basic stability of the high-load operation data, and then the internal temperature detection by the sensor in the test software, test results as shown below.

Test software in the sensor measurement finished internal temperature, then we FLUKE Thermal Imager camera keyboard area of ??the body (C surface) and bottom area (surface) temperature measurement results as shown above, the Dell XPS L501X when running at full capacity, the top left of the touchpad keyboard area and close to the area around the temperature of the cooling air outlet is relatively high, the maximum temperature of the surface D is concentrated in the left position.

We also tested the endurance of this machine, can see through the the Windows7 life assessment time, this machine is 99% power saving mode when the life time of 3 hours 30 minutes, but this is just the Windows system estimates, as the user’s environment and the mold different running style, will also vary, for example, if it continues to run large game program life time will be shorter.

Can be seen from the product model, Dell XPS L501X in appearance than our previous evaluation of the XPS L401X to be a larger size, cover also uses a silvery white anodized aluminum production process, the gorgeous simplicity of the surface relief brushed process “DELL” classic LOGO, its simple and straightforward design of the fuselage roof is also in line Dell laptop has always been the style of C, while low-key black as a color over the entire surface of the keyboard operation region the use of a strong texture drawing design.

Dell XPS L501X 15.6 inches 16:9 wide LED backlit LCD screen, it supports a maximum resolution of 1920X1080, more in line with the needs of the game, built-in 2 megapixel webcam at the top of the screen, this camera is by the Skype-certified high-definition network camera, the imaging effect is more prominent, user-friendly Internet video applications daily.

Dell XPS the L501X of the shaft is still using the classic Dell before bleaching Wyatt screen design, the largest opening and closing angle of about 130 °, is also consistent with most of the users ideal viewing angle, 15.6-inch screen on the shaft efforts to a higher requirements, and Dell XPS L501X shaft damping moderate intensity, turn on the screen it does not take much effort.

XPS series models weight, based on actual measurement data, this 15.6-inch XPS L501X machine and the battery weight is 2.797kg, plus adapter travel weight 3.435kg for a work very practical game this is, so the results can be considered acceptable, but with the whole weight of the battery has more than 2.5Kg for outdoor use or to some of the burden.

Notebook switch the power button just above the keyboard, open, there will be a white indicator lights in the right side of the power button Dell specially designed three commonly used shortcut function keys, these three buttons from left to right are the custom button, the Windows Mobility Center, and the audio control software.

We also found that when in operation shortcut keys above the keyboard of the Dell XPS L501X “F1” – “F12” button is not required and the combination of “Fn”, press directly after the main icon on the keys function. just friends may also need some time to adjust, this design eliminates the need for the key combinations used in conjunction with the trouble more easily carry out the operation of multimedia applications.

The effect of the keyboard backlight is a feature of the night to use the keyboard indicator lights can help users better find the corresponding key F6 key can also be adjusted to control the opening of the backlight is very convenient. There is also a shortcut key on the keyboard is very useful is F12 the right side to disable the touchpad buttons, touchpad indicator disappears on behalf of the touchpad can not be used, thereby inadvertently also reduced circumstances.

The top left of the keyboard is well-known JBL logo, rather than the Dell XPS L401X position of the speakers placed on both sides of the C surface, the size of the sound is relatively larger, and ordinary notebook, with a well-known audio advantage of the vendor’s products in actual use is quite obvious, to optimize the audio control plus a high-power woofer, ordinary speakers can not match.

Covers an area of ??the touchpad of the notebook is not too small, and as a decorative touch around the area there is a circle silver, simple linear outline the touch area, brushed finish touchpad, not only in appearance gives an elegant feel, to use more sensitive and precise, traditional touch keys is also very handy, in addition, a large palm rest for our long hours of work provides a more comfortable support.

As a large-size audio-visual entertainment this Dell XPS L501X on the interface type or a rich look at the left side of the fuselage layout, only the USB3.0 interface and cooling outlet to the USB3.0 join can be said for this machine higher data bandwidth, the maximum USB 2.0 data transfer rate of 480Mbps, the speed of USB3.0 transfer rate up to 5Gb / s, more than 10 times the transfer rate of the existing high-speed USB2.0 interface.

Look at the right side of the fuselage, from left to right is the DVD burner, Dell XPS M1330 M1340 CMOS Battery 23.22056.001, audio interface and eSATA high-speed data transfer interface, in addition to both sides of the interface in the rear of the fuselage was also distributed a common interface, which the left rear of the fuselage arrangements Mini Display Interface, a standard HDMI external video interface and RJ-45 line interface, and in the right rear of the fuselage, TV antenna interface, power supply, interface and USB3.0 interface, two mainstream external video output interface users love video is still very necessary, on the whole interface to meet the basic needs of everyday applications, and the distribution of location is also more reasonable.

Dell XPS L501X before the fuselage side is also equipped with multi-card reader, it also gives more friends to bring a lot of convenience of digital products. Bottom of the fuselage cover the following addition to the battery position in the center of the core components of the notebook, if you want to upgrade the hardware components can also be replaced.

12W woofer is prominent in the Dell XPS the L501X’s the bottom of the fuselage configuration, 14-inch XPS model does not have this feature, the benefits of more than a woofer is the sound effect is more vigorous and strong, through our test After listening to the first of the Windows 7 demonstration music, the subwoofer with a pair of speakers to 2.1 surround sound more full sound to shock, and the subwoofer effect can clearly feel.


Dell XPS the L501X re-build the design more simple in appearance can not be compared with a ruthless alien Alienware, but the configuration is no less, especially in video and gaming performance, the performance is very powerful, it is worth mentioning is the use of the JBL sound, whether it is to see large performance in 3D games are quite eye-catching. This notebook prices have been close to a million level, but for users that focus on audio-visual effects and game performance, this audio-visual entertainment correct laptop or worth considering.