The Sony G118CN hardware configuration table
Processor               Intel Core Solo (Yonah) Processor U1500 clock frequency of 1.33GHz
Cache                      2MB L2 Cache
Front Side Bus     533MHz FSB
Main Chipset        Intel 945GM
Memory                 Integrated 1GB of DDR2 533MHz
Graphics                Intel GMA 950
Memory                 Shared system memory up to 128MB
Monitor                 12-inch standard screen; White LEDs (1024 x 768) resolution
Hard disk               Toshiba 100GB (1.8 “); PATA interface; 4200RPM
CD-ROM                 DVDRW
Wireless Network            Intel 3945 802.11a/b/g
Network                              Gigabit Ethernet
Communicate                   Bluetooth
Battery                                5800mAh lithium battery
Weight 1.11KG with battery
Overall travel weight 1.33KG
Pre-installed system          Windows Vista Business Edition

Relationship located in the high-end business people, the VAIO G118CN the hardware configuration of three electricity / heat Tiger restricted in addition to the CPU, graphics card, hard disk, other configurations to show the proper level of the mainstream high-end notebook. It is also ultra-low voltage processor, integrated graphics, 4,200 rpm hard drive applications only make G118CN life to get such amazing results. Overall, the G118 configuration of ultra-thin models is very comprehensive and balanced, after all, this is the expensive cost to build up.

The Sony G118CN and we used to evaluation the life of Wang Huashuo S7F compared to longer battery life, although the configuration of the two is not the same there is a wide gap between this year’s ultra-thin notebook, but with the ultra-light positioning, but also to see bound compared to previous years, more rapid development. Other aspects of the restrictions due to positioning, G Series and nothing highlights academic performance, but the combination of a strong competitive advantage in weight and life after two G series has been in commercial ultra-thin market can have enough weight to to destabilize X60. Performance can not compare the X60, but on the size and endurance, commercial elements, we believe that Sony G series undoubtedly have a greater advantage. In the evaluation of MobileMark2005 achieved 510 minutes of battery life. 8 hours, 30 minutes, the results have been enough to support a full day of busy work, such a terrible life to believe in the short term can not be broken.

Sony’s G Series appearance is very plain, carbon fiber superstructure illustrates how fine, simple and full of “VAIO” logo seems to have been on behalf of all. The business also pursuit of that is simple, it seems thin wind of Commerce in 2007 will inevitably blowing.

Ultra-thin design, necessarily requires extraordinary feelings, after the trial of many of our colleagues, that G118CN this this is very suitable for temporarily placed on the knees used above. Because the body is relatively flat, there is no tangential design, and so will feel more comfortable on the road. 12-inch standard screen dimensions, this point and the black X60 is consistent with, but compared to the Sony G118CN, but you built a CD-ROM drive, and battery life will be completely beyond of X60.

Sinking a shaft part, to the maximum space-saving, but we found this this the shaft is loose, it seems that this this will be a screen loose hidden.

Positive interface with SD / MS card reader, in fact, can together, but may be Sony’s usual style, leaving a space of detached single-family or home MS.

The left side of the interface has a power connector, USB interface, RJ45, vents, PCMCIA card slot.

The right side of the interface has a USB interface, VGA port, RJ11, DVDRW drive.

Shortcut keys, G118CN absolutely a relatively user-friendly, ultra-thin models built-in optical drive, general switches are small, so very inconvenient. But G118CN have the optical drive eject button, and convenient to use. Custom key can be set to familiarize yourself with the operation, edit your personal settings is muted. The power button is very large, very up feeling next to the power status indicator.

The power button below the keyboard status lights in the bottom right of the palm rest is the battery. Hard disk, WLAN, Bluetooth status display.

Unexpected the Sony G118CN power plug but also light, so that can be displayed whether the energized state, which is also in order to compensate for transformer because the volume is too small, there is no power to display lights regret.

Sony this keyboard is worth to talk about, although body size is limited, but inherited a consistent advantage of the Sony laptop keyboard, percussion feeling is very deep, very soft. We removed the keyboard part can also be seen this keyboard in the small ultra-portable is also pretty good.

Sony touchpad more comfortable, nothing like the style of ultra-thin and light design, the keys sound more appropriate, and the keys above the stripes non-slip design.

Sony screen in general, DC POWER JACK CABLE SONY VAIO VGN FS790 VGN FS790B CJA5, the White LED backlight, the focus and is not placed on the enhancement of display, only the brightness of the screen is relatively uniform.

The sound effects do not need to consider, after all, is so thin, but simply to enjoy the next MP3 and DVD no problem.

Dismantling from the following part of the cooling system looks than most notebook as the use of larger heat pipe cooling, but due to the use of single-core U1500 processor, power consumption is very small, naturally you do not need strong the cooling fan. However, we measured in the boot after 40 minutes, the left side of the outlet temperature will not continue to rise a. The fan is loud enough, and more suitable for office in a quiet environment.


Sony G Series listed as a Sony-coming commercial ultra-thin notebook, not only in terms of body material the use of high-grade carbon fiber material, but also to further extend the life time, the use of White LED and U1500 processor, further reducing power consumption. Less than the price of 20,000 yuan compared to the same level opponents ThinkPad X60 is a bit expensive, but Sony’s workmanship and design exciting, win some commercial pursuit of the ultimate battery life time sought after. After all, the results of 8 hours 30 minutes has been an insurmountable obstacle. The next step Sony will also introduce what kind of innovative models that, in accordance with the trend of the G-series and L series, we believe that in 2007, Sony will have a new series of models further joined to the Sony camp.