Toshiba Satellite L600D hardware configuration
Processor                                          AMD Athlon II X2 P320, clocked at 2.1GHz
Memory                                            2GB DDR3 memory
Graphics                                           ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5145 (512MB DDR3)
Monitor                                            14-inch 16:9 screen resolution of 1366 x 768
Hard disk                                         320GB 5400 rpm hard drive
CD-ROM                                            DVD burner
Reader                                               One card reader, SD, MS, MS Pro, MMC, SDHC
Pre-installed system                    Windows 7 Home Basic

Toshiba Satellite L600 series has a variety of colors and configurations, customers can choose according to personal preferences. And the evaluation of this Toshiba Satellite L600D-09B is a classic black, with the HP Imprint, piano paint and other fashion elements, stable at the same time with a stylish color.

Toshiba L600D with a sunken shaft design, not seen after unexpected opening of the shaft, it is quite beautiful. Effect of the two speakers above the keyboard is also good, although not perfect interpretation of the music, NW SONY VGN NS M790 DC CABLE JACK 073 0001 5213 A5 can expect in the slightest details, but the music sounds big enough movie, do not split, Naiting will meet most people’s needs.

A surface hardness still, dark black coat pattern to bring a touch of layering. 14-inch glossy screen uses LED backlight technology, low energy consumption at the same time brought a bright color, but closer look at this screen from the grid would be more obvious, it is not so delicate.

Toshiba L600D positive is very simple, only the left side of a card reader and a row of lights above. The left side of the machine interface to rich, from left to right is the cable interface, HDMI, Esata / USB dual interface, a USB microphone and headset interfaces. The right side of the machine to accommodate a DVD burner can only be provided after a USB, a VGA video connector and power connector.

Since the battery placed in the rear of the machine, so the rear does not provide other interfaces. Overall, Toshiba L600D have a common interface, sufficient to meet the needs of general users. Built-in camera and microphone, but the camera results in general, can only meet the needs of the user network chat.

Maximum angle of opening and closing the machine at 135 degrees, enough to satisfy most home users. At the same time you can see that this machine is not thin, thin, after all, ordinary users often means higher performance and lower the price, if Toshiba could be considered frivolous pursuit of the R series.

Toshiba L600D Toshiba keyboard continues the consistent style, feel good, while some use a sunken keyboard design, stronger sense of hierarchy. Abolished the L500 series of multimedia buttons, all functions of all the use of FN key combination in the form to complete.

It is worth mentioning that as long as the lower left of the FN key, top of the screen will show all the key combination, and a Chinese comment, ease of use. Poor light situations can quickly find the desired function.

Touchpad with a matte around the distinction between process and, without any gaps. Touchpad feel very good, size is ideal, while supporting the popular multi-touch. Button above the touchpad you can disable the touchpad when an external mouse touchpad eliminates the impact of typing.

Reader for the MS / SD dual-use, and support SDXC the latest standards, the future can use the maximum 2TB SDXC card. Reader does not have dust control measures, but you can usually use when you can plug in an SD card to do ready boost speed system, also play a role in dust.

Toshiba laptops usually built a lot of utility software, some functions have a good utility. This is a Toshiba power display software, you can see the calculated real-time power, users can easily understand their operation produces the corresponding power consumption. Actual use can be found in plug in the power consumption of 22 watts or so, the case of battery-powered 14-watt power consumption is only about power management can be seen that the effect is good.

Toshiba L600D cooling performance so bad, you can see the figure above 25 degrees C in the online environment will not overheat the basic feeling of the machine on the left can only feel some warm, noise control is also good, do not pay attention did not feel the fans in turn. However, care in the long part of his left hand after the game is quite hot, but also clearly hear the fan noise. Bottom temperature is not too high, measured air temperature is as high as 41 degrees, it seems to bring a large body good heat dissipation.

Wireless Internet access during normal operation, the battery life generally, 4200MAh battery can only use two and a half hours, but in the open, after Toshiba’s eco-saving mode, battery life increased to three hours.

In the bottom of the machine, you can only remove trees to replace the hard disk screws, replace the memory etc, very convenient. Since the original machine which is only a memory, so without any waste can be easily upgraded to 4G memory.

Travel weight of 2.629 kg, the weight of the basic level of computer is not much difference between the long bear will feel more tired.

Use WIN7 own scoring system, we can see that L600D after the adoption of the VISION platform, and there is no obvious short-board, score remained at 5 points or more, you can run smoothly WIN7, sufficient to meet the needs of general users.

In CPU-Z can be seen using this CPU is AMD AthlonII P320 dual-core processor, clocked at 2100MHz, and with 2 × 512KB of L2 cache. This configuration may not work with INTEL i3, i5 comparable, but also satisfy the user’s normal use. Graphics using the ATI Radeon HD5145, frequency of 720MHz.

After 3DMark06 tests, can be seen in the 1366 × 768 and 1024 × 768 resolution, the results for the 4308 and 3893, respectively. The basic performance to meet the entertainment needs of the ordinary.

PCMARK Vantage overall performance of this test computer software, the score has reached 3198 points, though not really good comprehensive performance, but fortunately a more balanced, sufficient to meet the needs of most users.

HD Tune Pro test, to see the hard disk transfer rate up to 91.5MB / s, the average is also 70MB / s or more, very eye-catching. Slightly higher CPU utilization rate of 6.6%, but also perfectly acceptable. Hard disk temperature of 37 °, cooling performance is good.

Summary: Toshiba Toshiba L600 series is the main cost-effective products, and this L600D-09B as the first notebook powered by AMD multi-core platform, price is better. Toshiba notebook while the fine workmanship, good details of the deal, a subsidiary of rich features make Sony VGN NR DC IN Jack Cable 073 0001 3775 A competitiveness further. If you usually use the computer only for general Internet access, play some casual games, to run some routine office software, then this L600D-09B is an excellent choice.