Apple 5, the company announced that former chief executive Steve jobs has died. At the age of 56 years old.

Apple’s official website homepage at present already into jobs picture, and a “1955-2011,” the words. On its web site news said: “apple lost a visionary and creative genius, the world lost an incredible.”

The board of directors of the apple issued a statement, grief and mourning jobs announced.

The board of directors, the statement said the talent, Steve passion and energy is the source of endless innovation, rich and improve our life. The world for his beautiful

Apple current CEO cook condolences “visionary” loss, “creative genius” jobs.

Since August 2004 treatment a rare pancreatic cancer after surgery, jobs has been faced with all sorts of health problems. In January this year, apple announced that Steve jobs will again on sick leave, what jobs late August resigned as apple CEO one duty.

2009 jobs in April in liver transplants after treatment, return to work up to a year and a half, until the time again be forced to on sick leave.

Jobs in August to apple employees send said in the memo, “I was DuoCi said, if one day I can’t perform as apple CEO responsibilities, I will be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, the day has arrived.”

Set foot in high-tech industry 35 years, what jobs in three independent industry has made great achievements in the history of the United States, and become one of the most legendary entrepreneurs.

Apple launched the Apple II created personal computing industry, 2000 s iPod and iTunes music into the mainstream that legal digital market, since the iPhone debuted in 2007 smart phones after than ever before has undergone earth-shaking changes. In the three industry development, jobs has played a crucial role.

Apple launched the iPad tablet computer is the technology of professional experts as summits. IPad accord with jobs more personalized individual calculation of the imagination of the equipment.

SteveJobs is considered talented. Steve jobs very valued the product design and elegant, get supporters and critics of the respect and fear, and got a lot of apple customers love. Steve jobs is apple customers as superman.

Steve Jobs was born in 1955, was Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs in Mountain View, couples adopt and Cupertino grow up.

Steve Jobs in the reed college learning a year later dropped out, reed college in learning to the calligraphy classes very interested. On game manufacturers Atari short work after period of time, Steve jobs to India, hiking to the buddhist have an interest. To the buddhist is interested in jobs on the apple’s work has had the enormous influence.

When Steve Wozniak that friends in assembly relatively small size (just at that time standards it) computer, jobs and Nick cooperation, suddenly decided to two people in a garage in 1976 to create the apple computer.

Woz on the apple, Nick responsible for technology, what jobs is responsible for sales. Apple development and sales the Apple I, after hundreds of sets of the Apple II was more success for. Apple II established the Apple in the position of domain of personal computing, also hope to use the computer that ordinary people.

Apple II to woz and Nick brought jobs wealth. Apple in 1980, a high-tech industrial jobs listed on one of the first batch of stars, and also have the brilliant, arrogant reputation.

There is no doubt that appeared in 1984 Mac computers have made apple become a personal computing of important companies, but jobs more than a year after they were forced to leave apple.

In 1985, apple CEO John Sculley for the company made a different jobs in the new strategy, no longer let jobs team leadership Mac. Scarlett, got the apple board support.

Jobs, he ran away from apple later in his speech at the Stanford university mentioned this history, said “my entire adult life not the center of gravity of the period, this to me is devastating.” But jobs at the last laugh.

Jobs has built NeXT. NeXT like apple has never that commercial success. But in the NeXT period, Steve jobs made his later return to lay the foundation of the three achievement. Apple

The first achievement is Pixar. 1986 jobs acquired lucasfilm image art department. Pixar 1995 created “Toy Story”, established the computer animation film standards. Pixar listed in 1995, and in 2006, I was sold to Disney.

The second is an object-oriented software development. NeXT in the development of the operating system choice of object-oriented software development model. Facts prove, and apple in no jobs of the operating system under the leadership of the development, compared the NeXT operating system more advanced and more flexible.

The third one was Laurene Powell. For the first time in 1989 met with jobs, Powell is a Stanford university MBA degree. The two got married in 1991, and had three children. In addition, jobs and a born outside wedlock daughter.

Steve Jobs return in 1996, then CEO of apple to persuade Gil Amelio will NeXTStep as apple operating system of the future foundation. At that time, apple is in the stormy, not only losing money, market share is steadily and have also some important employees.

Jobs in 1997, reclaim apple last year by apple to media attention. Apple launched the iMac and other products by market acceptance. Macworld conference in jobs such as speech become its influence in the embodiment of the high-tech industry.

Jobs also make apple as a consumer electronics giant on road, development and improve the iPod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad, etc. In August, apples are worth more than its exxon, become the highest market value of the listed companies. Steve jobs on the apple implementation, is confidential culture a harsh leadership.

Steve jobs is very like quiet. The qualities that make him and apple and government regulators and shareholders to fit the requirements. In 2009, the United States securities and exchange commission investigation board of directors does apple have jobs and health misled the investors. Discovered in 2008 that sick before a few years, jobs has become a bit of a “mild”, this may be as he and a rare pancreatic cancer on fighting.

Jobs in 2005 about Stanford graduate spokesman, said “remember his will soon die is I make life important choice in the most important tool, because almost everything-all external expectations, and all the proud, as well as to the awkward and failure of concern, and death are compared are worthless.”