Apple released iPhone 4S, to look forward to many of the iPhone 5 fans feel disappointed. In addition, iPhone 4S appearance and iPhone 4 nearly the same, but apple in smart phones, improve an internal performance, including configuration speed higher processor, the more advanced camera by new antenna design. Apple also includes Sprint for smart phone network launched model and a 64 GB smart phones.


The processor and battery life time

IPhone 4S A5 dual-core 1 GHz with apple and a dual-core processor GPU. Apple says, the new chipset improved iPhone 4S speed and graphics performance, the speed of the iPhone 4 is two times, graphics processing speed will be its seven times. Although the processor powerful, but apple points out, iPhone 4S use 3G network for 8 hours talk time, use 2 G network for 14 hours talk time; Through 3G Internet time for six hours, LOT 10 DC POWER JACK DELL XPS M1330 K137P OCTAGON PJ30A using Wi-Fi Internet time of 9 hours; Video playing time for 10 hours, music playing time for 40 hours.

Speech assistant Siri

Apple released in meeting the most new voice is as assistant Siri. Siri did not completely replace the current Voice Control function, but fundamentally Siri is sending information or tracking users convey instructions. For example, the user to check the weather, inquires the contact address, set to remind, get direction, inquires the Everest trivial information, such as high as long as the instruction, Apple iBook G4 12″ A1133 DC-In Power Jack 922-6647 PB10 will have a robot female sound user inquires out information, the user can use Siri Home under function.

We use this feature inquires the some problems, such as the second day of the weather, apple headquarters library Italian and Seattle than the distance between the reservation, remind to Chicago, and inquires the Canada’s capital ticket. Siri answered quickly most of the problems and instructions, but in inquires the Ottawa error, information display “without enough information”. We’re mystified. Siri use wikipedia inquires the wikipedia provide Ottawa Canada is plainly the capital information.

Although there is missing, but Siri this function or very interesting, very useful. Many people will like this function. Apple faces challenge is fully integrated with technology from. User use bluetooth headset Siri activation. Car integration with technology from coming. In view of the large driving law, motorists can’t pick up a phone in one hand, the steering wheel, apple will need to make Siri integration technology, in order to avoid holding hands when the driver a steering wheel using voice assistant. Siri will release β beta, support the English, French and German. After will support more language.



IPhone 4S configuration 8 million pixels camera with auto-focus, flash and f / 2.4 pinhole lens and a back lighting CMOS sensor, capture of the light is LaoBan sensor, 73% more in the dark to light clap a better effect. IR filter can obtain more accurate color.

Apple also claim that the new camera speed is fast speed camera iPhone 4 to 33%, A5 processor built-in image processor, add face recognition function, automatic white balance increased by 26%.

We use the camera in indoor shooting, noticed some and iPhone 4 different: in addition to the obvious that the more details, more bright color most.

Video performance also increased, this camera can 30 frames per second speed of 1080 p hd video shooting, video more stable.


New operators

Apple mobile phone operators Sprint new intelligence. In the past several weeks apple expand operators camp of news, but to make it constantly bolt from the blue is HP COMPAQ NC6000 NC6220 NC6230 NC4000 CMOS Battery 07B, millions of iPhone users need not change new operators may join iOS big family. Sprint promises to keep the flow of data plan any, this will be Sprint’s big selling point.



IPhone 4 S support both GSM and CDMA, Verizon and Sprint customers of this is very important, therefore, iPhone users even in overseas can also use the cell phone.

GSM users to for iPhone 4 S current HSPA + 14.4, its support theory in 5.8 Mbps download speeds between 14.4 Mbps. Unfortunately, iPhone 4 S at present does not support speed higher HSPA + 21 Mbps network.

Do not provide real 4 G support, apple has its reasons: first, the battery life time is still a big problem; Second, apple think 4 G network coverage is not big enough.



IPhone 4 S and iPhone 4 design almost the same except for weight is LaoBan weighed 0.1 ounces, the iPhone 4 S and LaoBan the same size, 3.5 inches, 960 x640 configuration Retina Display screen pixels. Apple to design is an antenna system. The new antenna design is expected to put an end to the last antenna door to occur again, apple said ACER ASPIRE 5620 5620Z 5620G AC DC POWER JACK WIRE CJ15 expects to call quality is higher.


Pricing and listed

IPhone 4 S from October 7, taking reservations, October 14 through AT&T, Verizon and Sprint sales in the United States, have black and white and two kinds of color; 16 GB version is priced at $199, 32 GB version is priced at $299 and 64 GB version for $399.