Microsoft on Wednesday announced that it has with Samsung Electronics on the Android system, signed a cross licensing agreement. Under the agreement, Microsoft will be running Google Android mobile platform of the Samsung mobile phones and SAMSUNG N140 AC DC POWER JACK LAPTOP PLUG PORT #60 tablet PCs royalties. The two companies agreed to cooperate in developing and marketing Windows Mobile.

Microsoft Windows Phone president Andy Lees, Microsoft Windows Phone and Samsung to see significant growth opportunities. We will invest to make this growth a reality. Microsoft believes a model, in this mode can be our partners on the basis of our platform in the growth and profitability.

Samsung Mobile Communication Division is responsible for global product strategy, executive vice president, said Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, through cross-licensing our own patent portfolio, Samsung and Microsoft to continue to move the industry to bring the latest technology innovations. We are very pleased in the long history of cooperation on the basis of the fall of this year we launched Windows Phone “Mango” The phone starts to open a new chapter of cooperation.

For this agreement, Google is very angry. The key question is this agreement for Android is free to say that a blow. The same as HTC、ACER ASPIRE 5620 5620Z 5620G AC DC POWER JACK WIRE CJ15, Samsung now has agreed to pay Microsoft royalties to use Android.

Google really angry and said in a statement, which we’ve seen repeatedly, Microsoft adopted the same strategy. Microsoft can not succeed in the smart phone market, is to resort to legal means from other successful companies, where profits of extortion and impede the pace of technological innovation. We have been focused on creating new technologies and to support the Android partners. Google used here the “blackmail” the word.

Wednesday’s action is Microsoft’s attempt to destroy or get royalties Android taken the latest step in a series of actions. Microsoft CEO Steve Jobs once said, Android is not free. You must be a violation of the patent for its pay to Microsoft. Microsoft has taken action to ensure that their proprietary advantage.

Google’s acquisition of Motorola’s mobile is clearly to provide SAMSUNG R530 AC DC POWER JACK SOCKET PORT PLUG #60 some influence. However, if Samsung is still willing to sign such an agreement, which clearly shows the influence of these is not enough.