According to media reports, Apple has sent invitations to the media, to determine at 10:00 on October 4 at Apple headquarters in Cupertino at the new conference, the theme is “Let’s talk iPhone”

By then, Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook will be keynote speaker, or to releasethe next generation of iPhone products Apple iBook G4 12″ A1133 DC-In Power Jack 922-6647 PB10.

Invitations printed on four icons: a show on Tuesday, 4-day calendar, a clockdisplay 10, a map shows the company headquarters in Cupertino, and a topmarked with MACBOOK 13.3″ A1181 MagSafe DC-in BOARD 820-2286-A PB13 a “1” of the word telephone icon.

Many people think that Apple will launch iPhone 5 new conference andinexpensive iPhone 4S, iPhone 4S will be low-end market.

iPhone 5 A5 will be powered by dual-core processor with MACBOOK A1181 MAGSAFE AC DC JACK WHITE 820-1966-A PB13A 8-megapixelcamera, running iOS 5 operating system.