Experian Hitwise market research company said in a report, Google + open to the public a week later, the U.S. surge in the number of unique visitors 12 times.

Experian Hitwise, said as of September 24 in the week, Google + the number of unique visitors to DC POWER JACK HP OMNIBOOK 6000 XE XE4100 XE4500 PJ01B the United States about 15 million, 110 million for the previous week. Before last week, Google + in the early testing phase, and only by invitation to register as a user.

Open to the public last week when Google +, Google also added a new Google + search function, allowing users to more easily find friends HP DV6000 90W DC POWER JACK USB BOARD DAOAT8TB8F2 PB06B and other content news release.

Google Google + support functions will be the number reached 100. Google trying to attract social network users to leave Facebook. More than 750 million Facebook users worldwide. Google last month and the social networking game company Zynga and Rovio jointly published HP COMPAQ NC6000 NC6220 NC6230 NC4000 CMOS Battery 07B a social gaming service.