Social media consultant Johannes Wigand said on Saturday when he was at an event sponsored by Google found that Google is about to launch cloud storage service Google Drive, the service has begun to be tested in-house use.

Over the past month, the industry appears more and more news about Google Drive. The industry generally believes that Google will indeed launch the Google Drive. And now the news from DC POWER JACK HP OMNIBOOK 6000 XE XE4100 XE4500 PJ01B Wigand view, Google Drive has been used internally at Google.

Back in 2007-2008 when there was news that Google will launch a cloud storage service, but because of the poor performance of Google to give up leading to the final product at the time.However, Google has been the product was greatly improved.

According to Wigand provided pictures, web version of Google Drive is similar to LOT 10 DC POWER JACK DELL XPS M1330 K137P OCTAGON PJ30A Google Docs service. Google is reasonable to do so. Google started from early 2010 to locate the document as a Google type of Google Drive, the only difference is that Google did not want to be called Google Drive. Most people use Google Docs files are stored in Google Docs by editing from the file, but there are still a lot of people do not know that you can store files in this way. Google Docs will be renamed as Google Drive storage capabilities will help to solve this problem. However, Google also introduced a number of Google Drive proprietary functions.

It is not clear Google Drive launch time, but the industry believes that Google will soon launch the product. Google may be waiting for DELL INSPIRON AC DC POWER JACK 1150 5150 XPS PJ30 the next month, Android 4.0 “ice cream sandwich” system release, Google may be in the system’s built-in Google Drive function. In addition, Google Drive is likely to also be part of Chrome OS system.

Google Drive is expected to use the domain name Is unclear, after the release of the Google Drive, domain name will be for what purpose. This may be just a word processing application, or may be redirected to other domain names.