Sony PlayStation Network (PSN) interrupt users worldwide are affected.

September 22, when the user tries to log on PSN, an error messageappears: “An error has occurred, you have been signed out of PlayStation Network (8002A548).”

According to SONY VAIO VGN-AR DC POWER JACK 073-0001-2115_A CJ124 an official PlayStation Web site support, and sometimes also8002A543 error code. A few hours ago, PlayStation Twitter accountrelease information, said: “We have learned that when users log on PSNproblems currently being addressed, and will release information to inform you that Twitter updates progress.” PlayStation Blog Twitter European companies also publish information recognize PSN service interruption in the region, and said: “PSN engineers are repairing, as soon as possibleto restore the service.” In addition, PlayStation Twitter account to providea timetable for DC JACK HARNESS TOSHIBA SATELLITE L505-S6946 those who can not access the service users with a glimmer of hope. Information, said: “Under the current circumstances, PSNexpected two hours to restore service, please be patient, sorry and thanksin this.”

  Caused strong resentment among global users

Currently, PSN has gradually come back online. But everyone’s still hard to quell the discontent. Response and PlayStation Facebook Twitter messages on the angry sound of a page. Daniel J. Armstrong writes:”Sony, why PSN again interrupted. You let us lose face in front of Xboxusers.” Reed Decker complaining on Twitter, said: “PSN can be described as ‘value for money’ the best example. ”

PSN interrupted early for many experienced people who crash a sensitivetopic.

PSN is the black lead to millions of gamers personal data leakage, resulting in Sony disrepute. To this end, Sony repeatedly apologized and promised to TOSHIBA SATELLITE L350-14F DC POWER JACK w CABLE strengthen the network of the affected customers a $ 1 millionidentity theft insurance and free games. All affected users free access toPSN month’s PlayStation Plus network.