HP named former eBay CEO Meg Whitman as president and CEO, replacing Leo Apotheker, in order to restore investor confidence.

Meg Whitman to replace Leo Apotheker official

The appointment has not been the CEO of a formal selection process, the HP board is facing new criticism. Analysts have speculated that the personnel changes may cause before the Leo Apotheker HP make major decisions were overturned, but HP on Thursday held a conference call, said the board would not again change the company strategy. Meg Whitman said, HP will be completed by the end of the PC business unit of DC POWER JACK HP OMNIBOOK 6000 XE XE4100 XE4500 PJ01B a comprehensive assessment completed as planned spend $ 12 billion acquisition of British software company Autonomy transactions. HP chairman, said Ray Lane, the board’s selection as CEO Meg Whitman is the decision made after careful thought, good communication and operations management make her the CEO of Hewlett-Packard as the most suitable candidate, “We are at a critical moment, we need The new leadership team to implement corporate strategies, take advantage of future market opportunities. ”

The decision has been questioned on Wall Street

Analysts on eBay’s Meg Whitman is working to DELL INSPIRON AC DC POWER JACK 1150 5150 XPS PJ30 help her revive raised questions about HP’s business. Analysts said, Meg Whitman is obviously not to make HP the right person to restore its past glory. EBay Meg Whitman will be only a few dozen employees from the business company into a global Internet retail giant, but in her final years in power of eBay, eBay slow growth, Wall Street is facing intense criticism, including the completion of the acquisition of Skype, a series of successful acquisitions. While eBay has been the development and growth, but Meg Whitman advocated the acquisition of Internet telephone company Skype, Skype integration in e-commerce efforts are fruitless. Investment company Stern Agee analyst Shaw Wu Investor Relations report, “Although Meg Whitman on eBay has proven she is a competent manager, but we believe that the ideal should be in the enterprise market, HP’s CEO has a wealth of experience”, better candidates should be the head of LOT 10 DC POWER JACK DELL XPS M1330 K137P OCTAGON PJ30A HP’s enterprise business operations Dave Donatelli and PC head Todd Bradley