It is difficult, angry, where the iPhone down like a stone, you can imagine, but India is certainly no exception. Apple’s attitude to the Indians see a little “behind the global trend” in India, the impact of Apple is not even squeeze into the top 20, and even Nokia could peak the old iPhone. Magic of India once again shows the world the magic of this mysterious land.

Apple, in fact, squeezing in India, the approach is not 20

2011 Summer Davos Forum held last week in Dalian, India, Suhas Gopinath CEO GLOBALS, entitled “Digital Asia”, said the iPhone sub-forum in India, the Director of Information Technology (IPR) is not very popular.

In fact, many Indian companies are still steeped in the old technology, trends, the iPhone, as a lack of sensitivity. “Non-market to Apple iBook G4 12″ A1133 DC-In Power Jack 922-6647 PB10 catch up with Western countries.” In their own words

There are over 300 companies, a survey of opinion leaders in India and asked them who may be better consumers, employees and other stakeholders, attitudes and behavior, the brain’s influence in the economy , respondents, including India, businessmen, ministers, heads of charities and newspaper editor.

However, the unexpected results of the iPhone is Apple iPad popular companies in India is far behind the cell phone manufacturer Nokia. Nokia was the most influential companies in India, № 6, Apple, the 20 largest companies on the list.

In India, nearly 800 million mobile phone users, the second largest mobile phone market in the world, but smart phones sold in India accounted for only 5%. Indian carriers have only recently begun to, deploy 3G network services only in May this year, the iPhone has a value of 4.

A mobile operator in India, because the iPhone 4 of the contract is one less than the majority of China Unicom, 16GB version for 34,500 rupees (about 4570 yuan), a 32 GB to 40 900 rupees (about 5420 yuan) prices, but the price in the form of ordinary Indians are still too expensive and therefore more sales dark.

IPhone in India, the growth of knockoff brutal

Despite the genuine Apple in India suffered “extreme cold”, but Apple knockoff imitation has become very popular.

Indian telecom operator had to advertise in newspapers to promote an iPhone and Android “fit” the knockoff. IPhone 4 long machine with the same shape, which is run the Android operating system.

Market price of the original 30,000 rupees (about 3980 yuan), and now do activities just 9490 rupees (about 1250 yuan), nausea and propaganda techniques and domestic television shopping is exactly the same.

However, most of the Indian knockoff is “Made in China”, is accurate to say “Made in Shenzhen.” Shenzhen, a wholesale production of the knockoff is about 1000 rupees (about 130 yuan), the retail price of 1500 rupees (about 200 yuan), even more than in Shenzhen to buy are cheap.

India has nearly 12 million people, of which about 70% of people live in rural areas, for them, the high price of brand mobile phones, the emergence of low-cost mobile phone firms, no doubt to meet their own dream cell phone. Delhi’s human tricycle day income is 200 rupees to 300 rupees, save half the money on basic enough to buy a knockoff mobile phone MACBOOK 13.3″ A1181 MagSafe DC-in BOARD 820-2286-A PB13.

In fact, the annual Canton Fair, Guangzhou, the major wholesale market especially lively knockoff. Many Indian businessmen are willing to pay 600 dollars to buy two iPhone 4 knockoff home Dances, do not expect 3G and smart, pretty enough on the line, for them, MediaTek has very much to force it.

India challenges the limits of affordable housing for the Apple

Nearly 225 of the end of the world’s response in India has declared itself a country well “, according to the growth of nuclear power”, there, and on the ground to justify the Indian government’s “Tablets $ 35 mark”, the project has started!

June 7-inch forward for the project tablets, one million deliveries of the Indian Institute of Planning confirmed that the date of delivery. But the Indian government grants, because half of the $ 25 (originally 160) bought $ 49 in the first round on Monday at 90 000 price quotations.

Tablet PC, 32-GB hard drive, 2 GB RAM, before the camera. The purpose of the Indian government to go to a digital platform, e-books, tablet PC or a computer to give classes and teachers and other students in the price.

Instead, they can be purchased over the phone on the street, especially in India, India, computers, tablet PCs, laptops and desktop computers as well as many phones are more rural and remote areas already mentioned drive. Domestic manufacturers, including Lenovo, Huawei, including Ali, the operating system is designed to tap the clouds in the Indian market.

Yuan WiFi Internet and 500 versions – the national drink, Apple, and about sixteen 2 Gb IPad Wireless India 3180 yuan or less than $ 499. IPad iPhone in India, in general, the situation is very much there. This is the price to MACBOOK A1181 MAGSAFE AC DC JACK WHITE 820-1966-A PB13A the Indian market is essential.

Jobs in India, met with Director General,

Apple and very deep roots in India every year, Steve Jobs, and problems.

Classic literature, all the young skeptic to try marijuana in your hair long, their ability to recognize and hippie than an earth sign. Any changes to the trip to India.

Steve Jobs himself, but to stay in school for a semester, but also to determine the number of religious experience from the hotel of your choice. 1974 hot season in India, work, religion and Indian students as Daniel “barefoot, ragged” bag.

Travel to India, were led to believe that an understanding of confusion and fear of the owner can depend on the resolution within a particular religion, will be disappointed and even private practice staff. From the beginning, China’s interest to play Suzuki Zen enlightenment.

IPod Indian Products and other activities in India, 33 years after that period, he returned to the Indian market, iPhone from Apple is the mortality rate has been extended.