This is a staggering string of length to the website domain name, translated into Chinese is:”Mom said, even if you registered the domain name and then be able to search outlong-Baidu,” friends who are interested may wish to click on the next one in the universe at a glance. Baidu has been spread as the three secrets in the moment the only remaining one,both to see the company’s innovative spirit of pioneers, radicals can also be seen with an open mind, a special corporate culture.

Home has hundreds of millions of traffic earlier this month, Baidu, Baidu people participatein World Congress has taken a small step to TOSHIBA SATELLITE L350-14F DC POWER JACK w CABLE stimulate the industry has become a big leap forward web3.0 era tonic. No wonder the well-known investment company “future assets” at the end of the General Assembly a report released immediately that the strategy will drive long-term revenue growth, given Baidu shares “buy” rating.


According to iResearch, in the second quarter of 2011, China’s mobile Internet market has been shown to have reached 77.9 billion yuan. History, WEB Internet are well known – the development of the Internet in China for over 10 years of traditional ways of reading web1.0 era, the most popular model among Internet users and represent the growth of Internet interaction capture. 0.0 times the further development of the internet in its original format human-computer interaction, in the form of the Internet age, to determine on the basis of intelligence can be considered the prototype of Web3.0. Baidu is the opening of a new home or new construction is ripe, you can simplify users’ needs and characteristics of the threshold behavior of the user completes the third generation of the Internet, as a rule, represent the function.
Baidu is an open system, “open” has two main aspects. First, movement, open base for users and computers to display the form of APP and the web structure is followed by an open technology to improve the chances of success, to improve DC JACK HARNESS TOSHIBA SATELLITE L505-S6946 the usability of third-party services, you can be. Baidu to lower the threshold for access to API Developer open mobile platform.For a long time “, Dairekutotsu”, management of many companies try, often fail. However, Baidu deliberately ignoring world opinion, has a positive effect is more positive.

First, the Internet in China, in many cases, the general characteristics of uniformity, most people call boring pages of birth of user pages with him again, we all know, the site was a little base and innovative global challenge. In the full account of the needs of users and Baidu is a hot topic, which is located directly on the page today, we omit the user to customize his time, and understanding habits and preferences of users showed double advantage of not quite.

Ultimate success of the Internet industry in China as a whole when it comes to a completely new measure, and secondly, changes to any product with the quality of the process, China, Baidu is the internet – led to the development of water test is an important test. . In reality, industrial design and actions on the Internet, the brother of the entire site last major trends in the product, try to look for SONY VAIO VGN-AR DC POWER JACK 073-0001-2115_A CJ124 integration and innovation. Thus, the idea is gradually changing to a more business impact of this trend has begun to develop this new one.

Recently, the 2011 “100 Fastest Growing Companies and the World,” “Fortune” list in the latest version of the larger list of search engine Baidu Chinese company of science and art are selected 28, and four in the first place is its high-level IT industry growth as a world champion . Baidu home, a new chapter in its meaning, as the most significant changes to the third generation of the Internet era, has become history. Of course, “man, Baidu is the” concept of joint use of the Internet, of course, the spirit of freedom, and “humanity” to see the future of Web3.0 era of persecution.