Voice of strong iPhone 5, and Apple, free advertising, you can save billions of dollars into one, we can get useless information.
Get the latest news on your website or blog, we are mainly related to the iPhone and vote in any background information that readers have decided not to run. Before the iPhone published or disclosed information about DELL INSPIRON AC DC POWER JACK 1150 5150 XPS PJ30 a product, solution Apple, which will be held on board, paragraph 5.
IPhone rumors current generation of students in baege smartphone as a prototype for a future report, Apple lost. After excitation, in particular the iPhone, but, apparently, was not found.
Yidoemyeo, iPhone, Apple employees five prototypes were lost in a public place, because, in fact, you may not think that I grew up. Readers of four prototype iPhone in the first scene may be lost. Thus, a reliable rumor iPhone, we believe that there are five
. Here are five reasons posted 10 days, iPhone does not believe the rumors.
1, the prototype is not ready yet.
Why iPhone had 5 bars, if you lose you lose 5 devices, Apple iPhone, the phone tries to detect. The prototype is not complete, it will be a series of prototype devices. And the real secret of Apple’s products are included.
Apple, has two security policy
Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs), Apple more (CEO) CEO does not alter the sensitivity values ​​are not. In recent years, this secret is not to Apple. Apple could face a penalty of loss of redundancy. Thus, members of unfounded rumors about Apple showed losses.
Elements, Apple set of benefits
The effect of attracting attention of people from Apple, will be listening. Rumors about Apple, people often talk about the future ability of Apple, to prove LOT 10 DC POWER JACK DELL XPS M1330 K137P OCTAGON PJ30A, and then a new and improved iPhone, rumors, and I think man invented the discussion
Weather (豫 后). Unfortunately, their predictions are often wrong.
4 There are rumors that the concept of creativity
Seriously, as soon as you can imagine your iPhone into five parts, as the idea of ​​being displayed on the site, find the true meaning of the iPhone from the iPhone reliable and 5 years, a number of things will just look for a different version of the device. Apple company’s net, a game based on a real keyboard, talking about how to please. At least, not more than two points are very important. This is a common problem often associated with five-spoke iPhone.
Five delayed publication
Apple, the nose a lot of people striving for a future Apple products is to preserve space. Year of entry for the prototype of Apple’s iPhone is not enough, may have broken one of the actions. Of course, Apple’s iPhone entry on the Internet on Thursday in physical prototypes directly on the iPhone threw people’s attention, we will never know the truth. However, given the technology along with care for the sick, the elderly, not a good idea.
The voice thing is, it is not easy to define. Only Apple knows the plan of us. At least for now, Apple, think, invent, all his flaws, not to mention the new iPhone fifth
Apple, declined comment.
7 rumors Apple, the use of measures
We have found several new products that Apple, can stop the rumors, and if there is a new feature can be easily derived, if you want the item. However, Apple does not, Apple is a popular rumors is known that the product is not required. Advertising, according to him, Apple, and we assume that the Apple will benefit. This is a great strategy, the network can sometimes doping.
8, the rumors are false and responsibilities
Those associated with the iPhone rumors five errors can occur when you enter? All lost. Forecasting is wrong, and Apple, does not seem to start the functional reliability of the information as a source of reliable information about corruption as a vote. IPhone Rumors iPhone to increase 55 subjects are asked to raise the risk.
9, in which the device or improper
Almost all smartphones of iPhone, many colors of the future of the big screen, etc. 5. These images have a real iPhone in most cases, five of these images, as well as physical prototype model can be written as:
If it is found that the iPhone is still on 10.5
The biggest problem in the next generation of smartphones our five did not confirm whether the iPhone from DC POWER JACK HP OMNIBOOK 6000 XE XE4100 XE4500 PJ01B Apple. Rumors Apple, iPhone provide 4S. If everything is correct, iPhone, said exit 5. In other words, all the rumors that the iPhone has invented a device 5.