App Store of Apple faces a new controversy. Pirates of business software applications in the past after the events, which reflect consumers’ rights, then, obviously, put up for sale to consumers. “Obviously,” the title suggests, contains no information.

Today most people use the App Store, you can find the number of TOSHIBA SATELLITE L350-14F DC POWER JACK w CABLE students, including users of iPhone applications, users, and tried many similar applications. Yesterday Apple customer service response of the official licensed software to customers, as well as suggestions and experience of such software, App Store, Apple’s position has been updated more slowly than OK, Software, gets a lot of App Store.

Pornography: the price tag

Yesterday, iPhone users said. “It’s very simple and clear,” “In particular, the classification of the book became part of the book” the book is part of the name as part of the “obvious” contains a lot of “you can find the application of erotic, sexual content: describes the user.”

At $ 0.99, such as books and other educational and classified as a “pornographic novel a healthy adult,” see aepseutoeoeseoreul range yesterday. On Industry and library books in a variety of pornographic content to play a parody of the requirements may be added.

Apple Insider and third-party software applications typically take 30 percent of Apple, has signed an agreement to share profits announcement, developers will get 70 percent. Private entrepreneurs in renewable energy sources and modern lines of sex and violence on the value of silver foot.

Apple: How to run payroll for

The name, business applications and applications for creating “clean” the customer service of Apple yesterday to print protocol. In another part of the third-party software designed primarily for DC JACK HARNESS TOSHIBA SATELLITE L505-S6946 use in a press conference in a shop, all software, however, look beyond the test site store. In other words, in formal recognition.

According to the report, including violence, according to the classification of software Apple, suitable for both inputs can not be accessed, the user must download and install the Age of State and meets the other proposals.

In fact, Apple already has an operation can not be removed from the application does not “clearly pornographic” is. Many called for applications for consumer complaints, “repeat”, 2010, Apple had to live with can be eliminated.

App Store yesterday, and lazy update customer complaints about the software of people, it was found that the formal process.

Analysis: Quality Assurance

The answer to the law, “a warning to remember the birth of a rating system,” Apple said the lawyer, step by Apple, not an excuse. The limited capacity of the country 공공 not true for the entire system. Apple’s App Store for iPhone users, users will be smaller, and Apple, is responsible for the wider society.

App Store is the only one at the Apple Store for additional software Andrews imagination and open-source, free market economy, as well as a number of software applications, as before.

Analysts, business and the success of Apple’s rules for the application, the manufacturer of the device and start the App Store you have any other company, the company has ignored quality control blind, trying to expand the number of claims in no. Stock


The value of shares of Apple breached $ 410

Yesterday, shares of the stock price is higher than 2.78 percent of Apple, said $ 411.63, $ 413.23 for the upward trend to achieve high growth rates in the end. Analysts say that the current situation, and Apple is digested the bad news, and I think that the company failed. IPhone marketing desperate 5, the stock price of Apple may continue to SONY VAIO VGN-AR DC POWER JACK 073-0001-2115_A CJ124 rattle.

Market value, or Apple, the future of Microsoft in China, while embarking on a new machine, and some analysts expect Apple, send three major airlines, shares of Apple up to $ 500 for peak weeks, more than $ 600 billion.