Recently, the Android platform for smartphones and Tablet PC Symantec Norton Mobile Security 2.0 (for Android Norton Mobile Security 2.0) A.

Symantec Norton in China, R & D, a mobile security software is more independent of the year, Norton brand in China, the Chinese national team in launching a product designed to build the first fully deserves attention.

Your privacy

Regardless of Norton security, as well as mobile 1980 1000 billion yen failed installation, its size is not too much space Zhuangwan.Even before its official release, Norton, and up to four stars, past experience can be used anywhere with English user applications in the Android Market for a free trial of speed, load, and the star will reach 60 million more time to load.

PC malicious mobile code in terms of TOSHIBA SATELLITE L350-14F DC POWER JACK w CABLE challenges and phishing (phishing) and network-based attacks and other threats Norton Norton Mobile Security for cloud and global security, information and other security technologies for protection and blocking of SMS-, auto-scan for spyware and other threats. Once a week, from a database in order to protect the downloaded file to reject the application, virus updates and upgrades SD card upgrade local services to avoid roaming charges.

In addition, SIM-card lock security, remote, remote control and personal data, and mobile security software to remove the private nature of the remote location, you can get Norton shows great.

To be an easy task to set the user password is very simple theft provides a Chinese engineer Wang Peng from consumer products to Symantec. Another representative called on the parties and the subject unit for sending short messages, such as when the mobile phone as their own, the lock can be used for the cell phone function can not see the contents of the GPS yet, you can benefit from it as possible.

Lost or call the decision to immediately remove all sensitive data can send commands to the stolen phone. Password automatically lost his phone to lock automatically when you first or else all the phones on the map to remove improperly stealing a mobile phone sim card to another SIM-card to replace the column is removed from the SIM card can not work with your data, you need to enter a password.

However, Norton Mobile Security security now and reserve-related functions have been developed. In the back of strong support to provide technology for the PC version of Norton 360, Symantec says the development director of China Software R & rings, Norton, Norton R & D in the field of consumption, depending on the Android platform is now the number of total backup solution for a very important documents, including the basics, I immediately, SD card, the system Android, including all images, video, text messages, it turns out, all over again next year we hope to provide various services, including data or address

Clouds do not worry about security

– To protect your personal information spyware collects information security: users to protect personal information, use of mobile software, you can have a different meaning.

Norton Tanchen for my city, cloud services, but the first user to collect some data, only the most sensitive user data and intricate technical users who can not agree, will continue throughout the information was collected. Collection, ensuring that you do not want to participate in the clouds, as well as enough information in accordance with the user may prohibit the construction of the user has the right to choose.

Forms of confusion strictly necessary, but also other data in a form in this process if you have Norton, these devices have some specific information, such as type, only the safety of his, N for some 10 002 pieces of information collected does not show in other words, reversible, and I’m the user information on a unique identifier for each user, the use of this information is not available.

Peng Security, Norton security software, and technology-based, the clouds are not really ready for the mobile community can gather information useful to the users the ability to remove all the friction and the end, all your personal data, a summary of information gathered, the cloud services, after treatment of employees and other users, and properties as a result of all the information and comments on the information received.

Comprehensive Security

Ring the city of its products and other mobile security for security is to compare the features and benefits of a phone on the market, Norton said. The first mobile site, phishing Web sites, phishing, security, full range of offers, Norton, the first Android phone in the main market for this product, thoroughly tested, and all will be considered cancellation block all other applications and compatible with the following Norton relatively easy to find relatively strong to use, no tea-theft remote control.

Local functions, but also for a number of Chinese users are familiar with the localized product is competitive, especially in places that are worth learning, there is a need to learn to recognize Norton.

Mobile ring of security, security, remote backup, parental controls could be, but there are Norton Mobile Security, as many people believe that anti-malware is a multifaceted concept.

Furniture Safety

Security, in collaboration with other security features of mobile devices and computer to the sea. PC to mobile devices, migration is an important element Peng was more portable, you can use with their own characteristics. 48.5 billion internet users land more than 66 percent of DC JACK HARNESS TOSHIBA SATELLITE L505-S6946 the population of users of mobile Internet has become common practice for security in the region comfortable if you use the mobile Internet, guarantees you a product.

Another trend is that computers, mobile devices, software, application-specific, relatively small for the channels of distribution and relatively low cost, development costs and the market as Apple Store, in comparison with Google, so users have been applied to the evaluation platform and development can be. And “application software, this malware is very popular very quickly.

In addition, smart phones, in fact, computers are available, mobile phones with the same number of personal computers, mobile and smart enough to get some useful information on your computer so you can be more than a mobile phone and computer data storage.

The structure of the mobile platform

Symantec Mobile Security 2012, is growing faster on a mobile device, and strategic security, telephone, product launches, staff and supplies R & D, while in many other aspects of operations and core of the new PC-based vision and strategic security.

Ring the city as an important contribution to the Symantec Mobile Security, Symantec’s strategy and the mobile platform has many important aspects, he said. 50 or 60 people and Symantec Mobile Security, China Mobile R & D team is developing very rapidly throughout the world for the Department of Consumer Products at Symantec, responsible for product development at present.

Peng equipment, all users, network security, privacy protection, and to enhance the computer, how to distribute the phone shows you can access a single device to multiple devices, and security strategy, “Symantec’s commitment is expected.

Norton Security Focus

DC stands today, many people, but the free mode, security product, Norton, the impact of competitive products in a consistent pricing strategy, computer and mobile phone were taken from the end.

Peng, few national security practices on a hillside next to publishers in the online market through the company about this product on the securities market is free of charge, offering participation to create an instant client base extends its value and then return on the opposite side, you may want to think about it.

We need ideas, Norton, Symantec Norton same brand that wants to be safer, in fact, information security features to protect users and provide all the resources at this point to projects that provide valuable information, which is, Norton is not the same place, and other vendors.

Tools for mobile applications

Peng said that the malicious code on a PC, a PC or mobile phone, security firm Symantec, such as security and user attributes associated with this problem, the safety of all the most important features of Norton Mobile Security Products to go to the stadium.

In addition, another free product, you can not find any application Compare the features of software products, although this feature, not a low mobile security products, safety issues taken care of some manufacturers, 90 percent of the list of security features, and nothing make more kinds can be observed that:

Safety features of the application package for the phone software, Norton security software, application management facility, efficiency and Norton as a separate product, package, functions of a mobile monitor, manage applications and features such as “Maybe now the installation version of the tool use is not was officially released, and the English version of the process of sustainable development can become a free trial version of Android Market, users can download for evaluation of high starts in China.

IOS Press Pad version

Support for other mobile platforms, such as Norton security software applications, mobile version of IOS IOS Ishimine Apple, multiple distribution channels, most users of one application, the closure of several versions of the plan develops, Apple App Store applications in the field of security, said the acquisition, Applemuch less harm than the Android platform in the IOS software and the latest trends, the first Android Norton, so you can find support for a special day of your application must pass. The next year, as well as the introduction of versions of IOS and the different reactions should plan can be determined by the market.

Especially now that Mr. Stone Ring launching pad for PC Security Norton Norton Android mobile plate with a plate, not the software to support the Android mobile phone, you need more security.

In particular, 3G Tablet PC Tablet PC-compatible wireless applications are becoming increasingly popular. Application Development and comfortable pads increase safety awareness.

Return to your people to manage personal and financial information, Tablet PC, using the same phone number area in the study of some experience, we work for most people to handle more complex than they seem very different from the original process, because it should cause phone you are using a tablet PC is ready to say that the loans as commercial carpet can be difficult to use, tablet PCs will be easier to treat.

Phones ring the city on the keyboard to be protected from personal factual information, which leads to the loss of a mobile phone was used to store personal information, said that many of the Tablet PC or Tablet PC users, the loss of Tablet PC Think of your personal impact, but much more .

Focus on continuous service

Only a telephone or years of service to SONY VAIO VGN-AR DC POWER JACK 073-0001-2115_A CJ124 users through published price security software channel sales in China for mobile sources Norton 199 version of the package is available for purchase. In addition, Norton cooperation partner countries of the Stabilization and contact information, and some airlines provide some operators that will be needed.

Updated with new versions of Norton security software every three months at the beginning of the mobile version of any service, you can upgrade for free. Ring of the city and Norton emphasize that the use of this product, continuous improvement, ongoing services such as mobile security software is a concept that after writing one to two months of the new generation of products, the user has several features that are available.