In a new report shows market research firm IDC, a tablet PC market growth than 
expected. Tablet PC is 303.8 percent higher, up to 88.9 percent, 13.6 million units, 
the report of the second quarter. 

Been revised IDC assumes the delivery of  DC POWER JACK PLUG SOCKET for LG R580 R580-G PJ53 the PC, Tablet PC, ¥ 53,500,000 million 
units this year, offering 62.5 million units. 
IDC provides Tablet PC shipments in terms of PC, expected later this year, PC sales 
rose only 9.3 percent, an increase of 2.8 percent of total PC sales rose in 2012 is 
to be expected. However, before too long will grow to the decline of the PC where the 
PC market is clearly very difficult. According to IDC continues to SAMSUNG N140 AC DC POWER JACK LAPTOP PLUG PORT #60 smartphones and 
other mobile devices or tablet PC, desktop PC or notebook PC sales weaken. 

Zhou Jie, a senior analyst at IDC (Jay Chou) has in a statement said: "On the 
Internet, what's hot in the past by the industrial PC, an important opportunity to 
help our clients win in the second quarter of the PC of the year , smartphones, 
Tablet PC. "Last week, research firm Gartner change, Tablet PC, and also the 
fundamental dynamics of the PC market. 

Apple iPhone 2 is an important factor in the changing dynamics of the industry. IDC 
sold 9300000 vehicles to SAMSUNG R530 AC DC POWER JACK SOCKET PORT PLUG #60 Apple for the second quarter of this year, a 68.3 percent 
market share, market share for the second round of the Tablet PC, 26.8%. RIM, with a 
market share of 4.9% solution. 

A few months later, Apple will continue to dominate the market. IDC analyst said 
songs, Jennifer (Jennifer Song) "Playing in this year, Apple's market share continues 
to play a role in the association has more than 40 percent of IOS." 

IDC is the e-book reader in the second quarter from 540 million units, the chain is 
9% below the estimate that the annual growth rate amounted to 167%. Amazon Kindle 
with a market share of 51.7% market share of 21.2% Barnes & Noble Nook is in the 
second quarter. In the future, in the second half of the e-book reader, according to 
IDC, there are many opportunities for growth in 2011 total shipments of e-readers 
still Million units in 2700th The IDC expects 16.2 million units of products first.