Even this morning insomnia, you will not be disappointed, because Microsoft, Intel, 
Google has brought much good news to the three industry giants. I want to say, the 
day finally came. 

Finally, a blog, "self-cultivation: Microsoft's Tablet PC Intel the situation," the 
article, the authors believe that although Apple's boom market, but in the real 
market situation or the PC industry, the two companies Microsoft and Intel. 
Place two pieces of news today, "Microsoft Windows8 support ARM", "Intel's hand-
Google", so I am happy: this day has finally arrived. 

First, the Apple thing, I hit production, but also quite like it, but not toxic. I 
want to see the industry gradually see more new things, not just monotonous Apple. 
Overall, Microsoft and Intel back in the Tablet PC has been criticized above, but 
this often forces the two giants, Microsoft Windows 8 preview, Intel added to the 
power of Google, PC industry has brought the seeds of hope, but also to DELL INSPIRON AC DC POWER JACK 1150 5150 XPS PJ30 promote IT 
industry landscape has changed enormously, these measures may affect personal 
computers and mobile communications industry, the pattern of the next decade. 

First, Intel's smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile strategy Ultrabook speed. 
Google seems to be able to Intel's Atom is really in power, so Google moved. Intel 
and Nokia, the first wave showed the MeeGo prospects, but defected to Microsoft, 
Nokia turn halfway, so Intel is injured, but recently Intel also maintains ongoing 
research and development MeeGo, but I think it is unlikely to be Tablet PCs and smart 
MeeGo more of these phones, the biggest position is embedded in the traditional 
market. Intel hands Google basically confirmed this. As the upstream vendors, Intel 
hand Google, its OEM partners will bring more opportunities. In addition to smart 
phones and tablet PCs will be bundled with Android addition, Ultrabook no reason not 
to support Android. 

Second, Microsoft has opened up a new window a window 8. This morning Microsoft 
windows8 introduced me, does have some bright spots. The Windows 7 and Microsoft's 
advantage phone to integrate business applications integration of the future, 
Microsoft will be able to provide cross-platform applications, PC, mobile phones, 
tablet PCs, and other back-office system, Microsoft may be looking to string 
together, these are Apple can not do . Of course, Windows 8 of the ARM and Intel 
Google sense of support is almost at hand, we are businessmen, not hang in a tree. 

Third, Google snowball getting bigger. Since the pre-acquisition period, Motorola, 
Google has become the industry's challenge to the object, eventually Google will not 
be biased to be done? Then, Google generous number of LOT 10 DC POWER JACK DELL XPS M1330 K137P OCTAGON PJ30A patents assigned to the HTC, so 
partners can safely go to war with Apple's patents. With chip giant Intel, Google and 
certainly thoughtful cooperation, which is like when Apple abandoned the Intel 
processor Power Options. I also pointed out that the details of Google and Intel to 
cooperate with Chrome the operating system, so it seems Google does not just lock the 
mobile phone market, is the traditional PC market ambitious. But in the face of  
Windows 8, which benefits the browser in the end, it is not apparent. 

Fourth, the huge mobile phone industry, affecting the pattern of major initiatives. 
Google chose the Intel, Motorola will use the Intel Atom platform, the Android camp 
so it will not have to promote investment in Intel? This is to be expected. From 
Intel's perspective, 2013, ultra-extreme Intel Haswell, than the current design, to 
reduce more than 20 times the information platform. This design will also play a more 
powerful smart phones bring the standby capacity. If Intel can now reverse the smart 
phone, tablet PC market, the standby problem, it is possible to get support from 
handset manufacturers. Qualcomm's allies to Intel is not possible before. 

Five, PC industry to accelerate the transition. IDF, Intel to showcase over the 
limit; and Microsoft set up a meeting to demonstrate features of Windows 8. Although 
both sides have announced details of their primary three, but this does not affect 
the comprehensive cooperation between the two countries. Construction meetings, 
distributed to each developer's Tablet PC Samsung, Microsoft and Intel product of 
cooperation, I believe there will be more forms of cooperation. Especially Ultrabook. 
As the mobile Internet in a solid market position, Intel's leading PC manufacturers 
are bound to DC POWER JACK HP OMNIBOOK 6000 XE XE4100 XE4500 PJ01B