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Motorola mobile with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission disclosure filings, the Justice Department requested more information.The Google blog today acknowledged that the Justice Department asked the company to provide more information about the acquisition of Motorola’s mobile transaction information to complete the assessment of the deal.

Google senior vice president Dennis Woodside said in the blog, “even if it means we can quickly complete this transaction, we believe the Justice Department will come to this conclusion: the deal is completed, the rapid growth of mobile industry chain The competition is still fierce and we will continue to cooperate with the Justice Department’s investigation. ”

It is said, asked for TOSHIBA SATELLITE L350-14F DC POWER JACK w CABLE more information on M & A transactions in the review did not like Woodside said was “routine.” “Wall Street Journal,” the data show that last year, only 4% of the transaction “to enjoy this treatment.”

Woodside refuted the news that the Justice Department requested more information “routine”, Google acquisition of travel data provider in the ITA also encountered this situation.

However, despite the Justice Department approved the acquisition of ITA Google deal, but to force Google to make some concessions. Justice Department asked Google in the next five years to “reasonable, non-discriminatory” licensing terms of ITA’s technology to competitors.

Woodside Bowen said, “We know that rigorous review is part of the deal, over the past few weeks we have been in communication with the U.S. Department of Justice.


Amazon launched the Kindle Fire on Wednesday, Tablet PC, priced at $ 199. Kindle Fire with a 7-inch display, will run Google’s Androidoperating system. kindle fire from today to accept reservations, and onNovember 15 shipped.

Amazon kindle fire with 7-inch IPS wide-screen resolution of 1024 × 600;the dual-core processor with 8GB storage capacity, operating system, Google Android, Up to DC POWER JACK HP OMNIBOOK 6000 XE XE4100 XE4500 PJ01B 8 hours battery life; thickness of only 11.4mm,weighs about 414 grams. The panel did not built-in camera and microphone, the fuselage does not have any physical buttons, logos andprinted on the back kindle Amazon’s LOGO. Supports Wi-Fi Network(802.11b/g/n), but there is no integrated 3G module.

kindle fire built in the Amazon Cloud Silk accelerate mobile browser, theEC2 cloud computing service flexibility combined with the Kindle Fire. SilkEC2 can be stored in Kindle Fire in a common file image and observe theuser behavior in order to pre-load the user might click on a page. kindle fire in the cloud back up all content can be achieved, the Tablet PC in thefilm can be synchronized to the TV for HP DV6000 90W DC POWER JACK USB BOARD DAOAT8TB8F2 PB06B playback Whispersync.

Amazon said, kindle fire for $ 199, but with a version of Apple iPad lowprice of $ 499. After the purchase of this equipment, users can get free 30-day Amazon Gold Service (Amazon Prime), Amazon Prime, includingstreaming video and free delivery service within two days of annual servicefee of $ 79.

Amazon move is to challenge Apple iPad tablet PC monopoly. Market research firm Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair said sales of the Amazon through Kindle Fire books, movies and music, will help make upfor lower-priced Kindle Fire caused by low profit margins. Blair said in an interview last week, “Amazon and Apple to provide similar content, whichmay be the only company able to compete with Apple Tablet PC marketcompanies. If you look at the products, you will find HP COMPAQ NC6000 NC6220 NC6230 NC4000 CMOS Battery 07B Amazon the contents ofthe other Tablet PC manufacturers do not have, because the Amazoncontent to get the media support.

Microsoft on Wednesday announced that it has with Samsung Electronics on the Android system, signed a cross licensing agreement. Under the agreement, Microsoft will be running Google Android mobile platform of the Samsung mobile phones and SAMSUNG N140 AC DC POWER JACK LAPTOP PLUG PORT #60 tablet PCs royalties. The two companies agreed to cooperate in developing and marketing Windows Mobile.

Microsoft Windows Phone president Andy Lees, Microsoft Windows Phone and Samsung to see significant growth opportunities. We will invest to make this growth a reality. Microsoft believes a model, in this mode can be our partners on the basis of our platform in the growth and profitability.

Samsung Mobile Communication Division is responsible for global product strategy, executive vice president, said Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, through cross-licensing our own patent portfolio, Samsung and Microsoft to continue to move the industry to bring the latest technology innovations. We are very pleased in the long history of cooperation on the basis of the fall of this year we launched Windows Phone “Mango” The phone starts to open a new chapter of cooperation.

For this agreement, Google is very angry. The key question is this agreement for Android is free to say that a blow. The same as HTC、ACER ASPIRE 5620 5620Z 5620G AC DC POWER JACK WIRE CJ15, Samsung now has agreed to pay Microsoft royalties to use Android.

Google really angry and said in a statement, which we’ve seen repeatedly, Microsoft adopted the same strategy. Microsoft can not succeed in the smart phone market, is to resort to legal means from other successful companies, where profits of extortion and impede the pace of technological innovation. We have been focused on creating new technologies and to support the Android partners. Google used here the “blackmail” the word.

Wednesday’s action is Microsoft’s attempt to destroy or get royalties Android taken the latest step in a series of actions. Microsoft CEO Steve Jobs once said, Android is not free. You must be a violation of the patent for its pay to Microsoft. Microsoft has taken action to ensure that their proprietary advantage.

Google’s acquisition of Motorola’s mobile is clearly to provide SAMSUNG R530 AC DC POWER JACK SOCKET PORT PLUG #60 some influence. However, if Samsung is still willing to sign such an agreement, which clearly shows the influence of these is not enough.

Experian Hitwise market research company said in a report, Google + open to the public a week later, the U.S. surge in the number of unique visitors 12 times.

Experian Hitwise, said as of September 24 in the week, Google + the number of unique visitors to DC POWER JACK HP OMNIBOOK 6000 XE XE4100 XE4500 PJ01B the United States about 15 million, 110 million for the previous week. Before last week, Google + in the early testing phase, and only by invitation to register as a user.

Open to the public last week when Google +, Google also added a new Google + search function, allowing users to more easily find friends HP DV6000 90W DC POWER JACK USB BOARD DAOAT8TB8F2 PB06B and other content news release.

Google Google + support functions will be the number reached 100. Google trying to attract social network users to leave Facebook. More than 750 million Facebook users worldwide. Google last month and the social networking game company Zynga and Rovio jointly published HP COMPAQ NC6000 NC6220 NC6230 NC4000 CMOS Battery 07B a social gaming service.

According to media reports, Apple has sent invitations to the media, to determine at 10:00 on October 4 at Apple headquarters in Cupertino at the new conference, the theme is “Let’s talk iPhone”

By then, Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook will be keynote speaker, or to releasethe next generation of iPhone products Apple iBook G4 12″ A1133 DC-In Power Jack 922-6647 PB10.

Invitations printed on four icons: a show on Tuesday, 4-day calendar, a clockdisplay 10, a map shows the company headquarters in Cupertino, and a topmarked with MACBOOK 13.3″ A1181 MagSafe DC-in BOARD 820-2286-A PB13 a “1” of the word telephone icon.

Many people think that Apple will launch iPhone 5 new conference andinexpensive iPhone 4S, iPhone 4S will be low-end market.

iPhone 5 A5 will be powered by dual-core processor with MACBOOK A1181 MAGSAFE AC DC JACK WHITE 820-1966-A PB13A 8-megapixelcamera, running iOS 5 operating system.

Samsung Electronics today unveiled its first smartphone running on the updated Mango version of Windows Phone
Samsung plans to launch SAMSUNG R530 AC DC POWER JACK SOCKET PORT PLUG #60 the Omnia W in Italy starting late next month, and eventually through Europe, Latin America, Southeast, and Southwest Asia. The company didn’t provide any date for a U.S. arrival.

Samsung was among the early supporters of Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, which has only seen moderate success during the first go-around. The Mango update of the software, however, has won critical praise, although it’s unclear if that will translate to commercial success.
The Omnia W has a 1.4GHz processor, 512MB of memory, 8GB of storage, and a 3.7-inch Super AMOLED display,DC POWER JACK PLUG SOCKET for LG R580 R580-G PJ53.
It has a 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash in the rear, and a front-facing VGA camera for video calls. It also allows for SAMSUNG N140 AC DC POWER JACK LAPTOP PLUG PORT #60 720p video recording and playback. Other features that are standard in smartphones now are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth capabilities, an accelerometer, and light, proximity, magnetometer, and gyroscope sensors.

According to media reports, the social networking site Facebook will be held on October 4, Apple iPhone 5 phone conference, officially launched the highly anticipated iPad special applications, and a revised version of the iPhone application, and may launch a mobile based on Apple iBook G4 12″ A1133 DC-In Power Jack 922-6647 PB10 HTML5 applications.

In fact, application development work which has already been completed, but Facebook is not released. Facebook former technician Jiefu Wo Cowen (Jeff Verkoeyen) blog post on Monday, said he left Google to join Facebook’s part of the reason is that the Facebook version of the iPad application as early as May of this year already developed, but Facebook has been which the application is not released. Facebook has yet to release the reasons for MACBOOK 13.3″ A1181 MagSafe DC-in BOARD 820-2286-A PB13 iPad application, and release time and with the strained relationship between Apple related. Which in the past two years, Facebook and Apple on many issues, a dispute is no longer a secret.

There had been rumors, Facebook should have been integrated into Apple’s mobile operating system iOS them, but the inability to agree on the details of cooperation, Apple chose to integrate Twitter micro-blog to the most next-generation operating system iOS 5 of them.

With this defeat, but the common idea of ​​Google, Apple and Facebook relationship between the two technology giants are gradually becoming hot. This is the result of the two companies need each other, because Apple no social platform, and Facebook does not move the platform. Apple and Facebook relationship between the two companies marks the culmination of, is that Facebook will be in Apple’s iPhone 5 iPad special phone conference to launch the application and a revised version of the iPhone application.

Facebook has developed a secret called “Project Spartan” of mobile platform services program, aimed at a whole new way related to Apple iOS platform and mobile services launched a strong challenge. “Project Spartan” HTML5 standards-based technology, the target user base for mobile phone users. However, the latest news is that Apple in fact in the project to give some help of Facebook, and Facebook, the project is expected to launch on MACBOOK A1181 MAGSAFE AC DC JACK WHITE 820-1966-A PB13A the iPhone 5 phone officially launched.

Acer 4750G Reviews

There are already many manufacturers have introduced new notebook processor configuration, Acer are among them. Acer Aspire 4750 has been before the introduction of a lot of consumer attention, showing Acer’s influence in consumers more and more.


Body detail design

Although the Acer Aspire 4750 and 4741 images are very similar, but they are many differences in details.

Acer Aspire 4750 keyboard with a mirror above the bar, the surface of the keyboard to play it for Acer Aspire 5335 5735 DC Power Jack 50.4K802.021 CJ01 a good decorative effect. Bar above the logo printed Dolby, Dolby audio description of this product has been certified, the speaker virtual surround sound effect can be achieved.

The interface, the right side of the fuselage of this machine configured with a DVD burner, audio interface and a USB3.0 interface. The left side of the fuselage equipped with two USB ports, HDMI port, VGA connector, cable connector and power connector.

In weight, this product battery weighs 2.26kg, for a 14-inch notebook, so the weight can be regarded as quite satisfactory. It is worth mentioning that the Acer Aspire 4750 is very thin body, the body thickness less than 30mm, is still very convenient to carry around.

GT 540M significant independence will become the mainstream

GPU-Z detection software from the display, the machine is equipped with NVIDIA Geforce GT 540M of memory capacity of 1GB, and uses the mainstream of GDDR3 memory, bit width is 128Bit, 96 stream processing units with a strong 3D graphics rendering efficiency , and last year released an upgraded version of the Acer 4741G uses the same graphics card.

Entry mode by the next 3DMark Vantage test, we get GPU score of 15841 points, total score E17772 points to a final score to run something like “Call of Duty” on the cards require a higher first-person perspective game completely no problem, generally for notebook products, 3DMark Vantage score over 15,000 points in high-definition means you can run smoothly under most of the mainstream 3D games.

We play “Call of Duty 7” to actually test this notebook’s gaming performance. Before running the game, set the resolution to 1366 × 768, while on anti-aliasing capability four times, turn off vertical sync, and other effects all open. After entering the game to run about 5 minutes or so, you can obviously feel this notebook fully capable of “Call of Duty.”

In the game, describe the details of this notebook more realistic flames, rendering the average number of frames when the battle scenes can be maintained at 40 or so, even in the battle scenes more complex when you can guarantee that 35 or so, the game the various battle scenes switch flowing freely, there is no close-range rendering pause phenomenon.

4741 the perfect successor

Acer Aspire 4750 although the official price of 7499 yuan, but from past experience, this product should be the actual market price of 7,000 yuan or less. Now the market is very competitive, 7,000 yuan less than the i7 notebook Acer Aspire 4750 has been more than a product, so I believe this product will not maintain a relatively high price.

Aspire 4750 and 4741 of about 85% similar, the two products are used Check type of roof design, the edge is the same sleek design. Aspire 4750 uses a 14-inch screen, standard resolution of 1366 x 768.

Acer Aspire 4750 Acer keyboard uses a standard keyboard design duckweed.

Machine performance testing

By AIDA64 software testing, we can see the Acer 4750G with Intel’s Core i7 2630QM latest 32nm quad-core processor and HM65 chip board, integrated HD Graphics 3000 graphics core, while the core graphics technology in the 2.0 Turbo is also under Turbo can be. While the notebook also comes standard with 2GB DDRIII-1333 memory, loaded with Nvidia Geforce GT 540M graphics card, equipped with ACER ASPIRE Jack Cable DW028 6930 6930G 6935 8920 CJ15 a Hitachi 500GB 5400RPM SATA-II hard drive, DVD burner, and USB3.0 data transfer port. In addition, pre-installed 64bit windows 7 operating system.

CINEBENCH is a test simply use the CPU by a high-precision 3D rendering scenes images on a single processor, single thread to run only once, if the system has more than one processor core or multi-threading, the first time use only one thread, the first the second run all the processor cores and threads. Finally, this processor is a single, multi-core test results are 4424 points and 16440 points.

Today is the most common is the latest Intel Core i7 2630QM quad-core processor, it is based on 32nm technology, codenamed Sandy Bridge, the original frequency of 2.00GHz, shared L3 cache of 6MB, the overall TDP is 45W. Turbo Boost 2.0 in the open, single-core speed clocked at 2.90GHz, dual-core speed clocked at 2.80GHz, quad-core speed clocked at 2.60GHz, Hyper-Threading technology and supports synchronous, so we are looking at quad-core eight thread.

Through the above PCMark Vantage test software we evaluated the performance of the whole integrated, you can see the end won the 5816 Acer 4750G points, including games and music sub-item scores are more than 5500 points, in addition to TV, movies do not get the final score, the memory and hard drive this notebook should be a short board.

Acer 4750G 7200 standard hard drive is not high speed, while the use is a 500GB 5400RPM Hitachi hard drive, pass the test we can see, the drive offers a maximum read speed of 81.4.MB / sec, while the average disk read speed to 59.9MB / s, basically meet the daily needs of data transmission, the entire hard drive to read the curve is also relatively stable.

Life, heat and Evaluation Summary

For a laptop with discrete graphics, the cooling capacity and life has become when consumers focus on.

Here, we at room temperature 22 ℃ (heating room) environment, start a half-hour continuous operation FurMark software, and run Winrar test program, so that the notebook is running at full capacity of the state, when the internal temperature is almost constant core hardware, we use thermal imager to detect the Acer 4750G keyboard area and the temperature at the bottom of the fuselage, an upgraded version of its cooling capacity than Acer 4741G to be better.

Acer 4750G equipped with a 6-cell 48Wh lithium ion battery, the notebook pre-installed operating system Windows 7 64-bit operating system, it can not run BatteryMark test software, we manage through Windows 7 Power saving mode in the forecast 3 hours 11 minutes. If you usually do not often run large game, it is recommended to switch to the set display mode, so battery life can be further increased some.

Evaluation Summary

Launch of this new Acer 4750G from the mold and the exterior view, and a high degree of similarity Acer 4741G, 4741G basically followed the quality, but the details of the layout in C on the surface a slight change in one of the most significant changes to be the shape of the power switch button, a change in the usual round of Acer and use of laser exposure to Acer Aspire 5920 5920G Series DC Power Jack Cable CJ102 a larger square button, while the fuselage interface layout, notebook battery status indicator and snaps back, there are some small changes accordingly.

Hardware with the Acer laptop has been considered more thoughtful, this notebook is equipped with quad-core Core i7 2630QM intelligent processor, the graphics can not only meet the usual core office needs, but also to improve laptop battery life will certainly help. If you require complex graphic image processing, they can always switch to single display mode, with the GT 540M performance alone was fully capable of high-definition video and gaming needs. As the new platform, just released this 7500 yuan or so Acer 4750G price is not prominent.

Social media consultant Johannes Wigand said on Saturday when he was at an event sponsored by Google found that Google is about to launch cloud storage service Google Drive, the service has begun to be tested in-house use.

Over the past month, the industry appears more and more news about Google Drive. The industry generally believes that Google will indeed launch the Google Drive. And now the news from DC POWER JACK HP OMNIBOOK 6000 XE XE4100 XE4500 PJ01B Wigand view, Google Drive has been used internally at Google.

Back in 2007-2008 when there was news that Google will launch a cloud storage service, but because of the poor performance of Google to give up leading to the final product at the time.However, Google has been the product was greatly improved.

According to Wigand provided pictures, web version of Google Drive is similar to LOT 10 DC POWER JACK DELL XPS M1330 K137P OCTAGON PJ30A Google Docs service. Google is reasonable to do so. Google started from early 2010 to locate the document as a Google type of Google Drive, the only difference is that Google did not want to be called Google Drive. Most people use Google Docs files are stored in Google Docs by editing from the file, but there are still a lot of people do not know that you can store files in this way. Google Docs will be renamed as Google Drive storage capabilities will help to solve this problem. However, Google also introduced a number of Google Drive proprietary functions.

It is not clear Google Drive launch time, but the industry believes that Google will soon launch the product. Google may be waiting for DELL INSPIRON AC DC POWER JACK 1150 5150 XPS PJ30 the next month, Android 4.0 “ice cream sandwich” system release, Google may be in the system’s built-in Google Drive function. In addition, Google Drive is likely to also be part of Chrome OS system.

Google Drive is expected to use the domain name Is unclear, after the release of the Google Drive, domain name will be for what purpose. This may be just a word processing application, or may be redirected to other domain names.

Sony PlayStation Network (PSN) interrupt users worldwide are affected.

September 22, when the user tries to log on PSN, an error messageappears: “An error has occurred, you have been signed out of PlayStation Network (8002A548).”

According to SONY VAIO VGN-AR DC POWER JACK 073-0001-2115_A CJ124 an official PlayStation Web site support, and sometimes also8002A543 error code. A few hours ago, PlayStation Twitter accountrelease information, said: “We have learned that when users log on PSNproblems currently being addressed, and will release information to inform you that Twitter updates progress.” PlayStation Blog Twitter European companies also publish information recognize PSN service interruption in the region, and said: “PSN engineers are repairing, as soon as possibleto restore the service.” In addition, PlayStation Twitter account to providea timetable for DC JACK HARNESS TOSHIBA SATELLITE L505-S6946 those who can not access the service users with a glimmer of hope. Information, said: “Under the current circumstances, PSNexpected two hours to restore service, please be patient, sorry and thanksin this.”

  Caused strong resentment among global users

Currently, PSN has gradually come back online. But everyone’s still hard to quell the discontent. Response and PlayStation Facebook Twitter messages on the angry sound of a page. Daniel J. Armstrong writes:”Sony, why PSN again interrupted. You let us lose face in front of Xboxusers.” Reed Decker complaining on Twitter, said: “PSN can be described as ‘value for money’ the best example. ”

PSN interrupted early for many experienced people who crash a sensitivetopic.

PSN is the black lead to millions of gamers personal data leakage, resulting in Sony disrepute. To this end, Sony repeatedly apologized and promised to TOSHIBA SATELLITE L350-14F DC POWER JACK w CABLE strengthen the network of the affected customers a $ 1 millionidentity theft insurance and free games. All affected users free access toPSN month’s PlayStation Plus network.